Lewis Road Creamery is once again shaking up the dairy aisle, setting its sights on a neglected section of the supermarket chiller by launching a premium and natural alternative to the limited and processed products on offer.

The brand has launched Lewis Road Creamery Sour Cream, made with just two simple ingredients - a fresh cream and milk blend, and a lactic culture. True to the traditional recipe, these are left overnight to naturally ferment, producing a fresh, creamy sour cream with a succulent tang.

And like all other Lewis Road products, it's not just what goes in that makes it so special, it's also what has been left out. In this case, there is no gelatine, thickeners or emulsifiers like other sour creams in the supermarket chiller.

Lewis Road Creamery Sour Cream is set to revolutionise the way food lovers think of this household classic, and as such promises to become a foodie's best friend. Perfect for cooking, baking, in dips or simply served on its own as an accompaniment to a meal - it's both versatile and delicious.

And the charming red and white striped pottle means there is no need to decant into a bowl to serve - simply take it from the fridge to the table.