Specialty Coffee for Everyone

Everybird's Everyday Blend and Half-Caf packaging

The pandemic has brought around changes to most businesses, and Kōkako Organic Coffee is no exception. At the forefront of the specialty coffee sector, they have developed from food service supplies to something more readily available for day to day consumers of good coffee. Their attention now turns to dedicated supermarket specialty coffee. 

Kōkako Organic Coffee is pleased to introduce Everybird. The new coffee brand has emphasis on quality, sustainability, innovation and new product development. It is available in two blends; Everyday and Half-Caf.

The Everyday blend is a little bit chocolatey, and a little bit biscuity, suited to all brew methods it works black, with milk or milk alternatives. The Half-Caf has the same flavour but like the name suggests, half the caffeine. It’s made with 50% full strength  Everyday Blend, and 50% Swiss Water® Decaf (decaffeinated in Canada using only time, temperature and water)

“We’re particularly excited about Half-Caf as it creates more opportunity for consumers to enjoy coffee throughout the  day, and follows similar trends in the craft beer sector where moderation has seen low and zero alcohol beer sales soar.  We expect Half-Caf to be a real category driver and appeal to a wider cross section of consumers,” said Sam Taylor, Everybird's Brand Manager.

Both blends have a recommended retail price of $10.99 and are available as whole beans, plunger and espresso. They come in shelf-ready shippers of 6 units. Everybird carries the same ethical certifications as Kōkako, being certified Fair trade, organic through BioGro, and climate neutral via the Fair Climate Fund. All six 200g SKUs can be ordered via Ceres Organics; the national distributor for Everybird.