Lewis Road is capturing summer in a bottle with its launch of a new range of premium apple ciders. Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Ciders are made with the best, certified-organic apples from Bostock’s orchards in the sunshine-filled Hawke’s Bay, with a delightful difference. In this case, it is infusing an already great cider with delicate blossom flavours to elevate it from good to sublime. The crisp, dry premium cider has a noticeable botanical scent on the nose and a well-balanced taste that is fresh and not overly sweet or acidic allowing the blossom flavours to shine through. In another unique twist, the cider is brewed in a winery, not a brewery – Mills Reef in Tauranga. This ensures it is crafted to the level of care of a good wine, as it deserves. The cider is then infused with natural botanical blossom flavours – apple blossom, peach blossom and orange blossom.