With new recipes always on the boil, Tasty Pot continue to refine their offering to meet the demand of a growing legion of foodies. Now, staying hot on the heels of consumer trends, their renowned gluten-free meals and soups are getting fresh beginnings with a new-look packaging.
“We’ve used food imagery to help showcase the quality and variety of ingredients that we use, with more natural cues that better represent our packed by hand ‘homemade’ ethos. The aim was to make our mouth water at a glance,” said Andrew Vivian, who co-founded Tasty Pot with wife Natalie. “We’ve also started differentiating between our meat and vegetarian recipes, and reflecting this cost differential in our pricing which will make our pots as much as $1 cheaper to buy.”
Inspired by the freshness and quality of French food markets, the rebranding included the company’s soups, retailing from $4.99, and meals, from $5.99. Two new recipes include ‘Thai Chicken Noodle’ and ‘Friend in the Fridge’. Ready in a few minutes, they can be eaten on their own or used as an ingredient in cooking.