Tot’s Pantry provides healthy, tasty frozen meals for young children aged 1-4 years. It has revealed a gap in the children’s food sector of the market. There are currently no other manufacturers in NZ providing frozen meals for children.  Since starting trading; the market has validated the product and demand is increasing as the brand becomes better known. Tot’s Pantry continues to receive great feedback from their demographic – particularly those parents with fussy eaters or who are working, or families with new additions.

The meal sizes are 180g, and the packages are small in volume. They can be stacked in the freezer and are beautifully packaged and presented. The price point is reasonable but not over-priced making it an affordable option for many families. Currently four flavours available. For more information contact Catherine Jackson on Catherine@totspantry.co.nz or visit www.totspantry.co.nz.