The Perfect Match

Many moons ago, a schoolboy called Pic Picot worked in a bakery in Glen Innes, where every morning they would bake fresh loaves of Vogel's famous bread for Kiwis to enjoy.

Many moons later, having eaten Vogel’s toast for breakfast every morning for about fifty years, Pic came up with the idea to freshly roast peanuts in a concrete mixer - blending them up with just a dash of salt and calling the result ‘Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter’.  At that point, his story crossed paths with Vogel’s once again, and he hit the road in a giant toaster serving Pic’s Peanut Butter on Vogel’s toast for Kiwis to enjoy. A better match has never been made…

Until now. Inspired by Vogel’s most-loved toast, and perfectly blended with Pic’s freshly roasted peanut butter, we bring you The Perfect Match. Pic’s Big Mix, made with toasted sesame, chia, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (the seeds Vogel’s still swear by to bake their bread fresh each day).