Three New Cuts to Enjoy

Premium New Zealand meat company First Light has a reputation for only the very best grass-fed Wagyu beef and venison, produced by a cooperative of passionate farmers across the country.

Now, there are three new cuts to enjoy – raised to exacting ethical standards on pasture where animals can roam free.

First Light’s venison medallion with Lewis Road Creamery Butter is a delicious collaboration that takes home cooking to another level. This perfectly portioned venison steak, which comes with a serving of Lewis Road garlic and parsley butter to baste and then drizzle over your meat, is an ideal date night or dinner party option. RRP $9.99

After fielding plenty of pleading emails requesting it, First Light also adds a beautifully marbled Wagyu flat iron to its chilled range. A fabulous option for steak and chips, flat iron is also fantastic seared and sliced into a salad. RRP $13.99

Finally, a First Light Wagyu fillet joins the family. Dubbed “unscrewupable”, this jaw-droppingly beautiful steak is tender, soft and juicy no matter how it’s cooked. A surefire crowdpleaser rare, medium or well-done. RRP $18.99