What to Stock - Alternatives

Here are our top five products to stock in the trending Alternatives category. For more information and insights see our latest issue of Supermarket News Magazine.

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What to Stock - AlternativesThe Damn Good Food Company was established in 2016 and spent 18 months in the kitchen mastering its first product range - wholesome frozen treats for an all-natural indulgence. A range so damn good that you can enjoy guilt-free goodness anytime, anywhere.

The company only uses whole foods. Nutrients remain in their truest forms because all treats are raw.  The range in also plant-based, gluten-free (Coeliac certified), dairy-free and cane sugar-free.  Most importantly, Damn Good have produced flavours that really satisfy your customers’ taste buds with every bite.

Available in three flavours:
CITRUS ZING: Smooth & creamy with an intense citrus punch, your mouth will be wanting more it’s that DAMN good!

CHOCOLATE ROUGH: Delicious & smooth with a chocolatey layer on a coconut base. Cacao lovers will be totally DAMN satisfied.

DOUBLE BERRY: The fruity combination of raspberries & strawberries blended with cashew cream is DAMN delicious.

For more information contact info@damngoodnz.com

What to Stock - AlternativesThe fermented food category has been growing steadily with krauts and kimchi as consumers’ favourites. Living Goodness is one of the pioneers of fermented foods in the country, crafting premium quality all-natural raw fermented goodness, from sauerkrauts to kimchi, that add great flavours to any meal.

Living Goodness’ range is made with locally-sourced vegetables, a wide variety of herbs and spices, Himalayan salt, and live friendly bacteria1. Living Goodness’ krauts are fermented for two months which helps to breed large amounts of good bacteria which are fantastic for health. They also use lots of different vegetables, such as celeriac, Wakame seaweed, kale and beetroot, which makes them unique.

From a simple product such as the Naked Sauerkraut to their Quick Draw Slaw, a complex, full-flavoured and spicy fermented coleslaw, there is something for everyone to enjoy, ensuring all Kiwis can eat kraut. All products are gluten and nut-free and have no preservatives, sugar, colours, additives, or GMOs.

1 Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus acidolactici, Leuconostoc cremoris

For more information contact Fiona on 0800 624 004 or info@livinggoodness.co.nz or visit livinggoodness.co.nz

What to Stock - AlternativesKinder to you, kinder to Mother Nature:
Introducing Good Boost Co Unsweetened Almond Yoghurt with less than 1g of sugar

Good Boost Co has recently launched an unsweetened version of their almond Greek-style yoghurt. Yes, that’s right, the same almond creaminess and taste with no added sugar. In fact, there is no yoghurt on the market with a lower sugar content.

This means not only is it great for your customers' muesli and smoothies, it is also perfect for dressings (tzatziki), cooking (pasta’s, soups, pies etc) and baking.

The product is 100 percent plant-based, has no dairy ingredients, is vegan-friendly, vegetarian, contains no gluten and is suitable for a Paleo and Keto diet. It is also probiotic and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Almonds are high in fibre, protein, vitamin E and manganese.  They are also full of ‘good fats’ and low in saturated fat (‘bad fat’). Good Boost Co’s Unsweetened Yoghurt has only 3.2g of saturated fat versus the average coconut yoghurt on the market which has 13.7g per 100g.

For more information visit www.goodboostco.co.nz or email info@goodboostco.co.nz

What to Stock - AlternativesChristchurch-based The Kvas Company is New Zealand’s first and only kvas brewer. Kvas is an ancient fermented beverage popular from Eastern Europe to China.

Brewed from rye with a spontaneous wild fermentation, Brod Kvas is live and raw, made with organic and wild harvested ingredients including organic beetroot, organic fair-trade coffee, sundried wild rosebuds, raw turmeric and spices, and packed full of health-promoting bacteria, acids and vitamins.

Brod Kvas is low sugar and highly refreshing, with a satisfying consistency people often say reminds them of cider or wheat beer. It is less acid than kombucha with a higher probiotic content, containing the same healthy cultures as sauerkraut, yoghurt or kimchi.  Never vinegary, it has a smooth, mild taste and is caffeine free.

For more information email info@thekvascompany.co.nz or call Sabina on 027 777 9867.

What to Stock - AlternativesChantal Organics Whole Tahini is a pure sesame paste made by toasting and stone-grinding unhulled white sesame seeds. With a rich and earthy flavour, it’s a tasty addition to homemade dressings and hummus and makes a great alternative to nut butter. Currently one of the best performing spreads in the Health & Wellness category with 64 percent dollar growth compared to a year ago and a rate of sale of 5.2 units per store per week (IRI Aztec MAT to 16/09/18). This is definitely an alternative spread that your customers will reach for!

For more information contact sales@chantal.co.nz