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Bestowed the secrets to his special sauces by his grandmother Lillie, South Carolina-born chef Charlie McKenna could have rested on his laurels and simply served them at his contemporary Chicago barbecue restaurant Lillie’s Q (short for BBQ). But depriving the world of these sensational savoury finishing touches would be the complete antithesis of Southern hospitality. Just in time for the barbecue season, the artisanal range is now available in New Zealand through select independent retailers and leading New World store’s. Please contact specialist food importers Cook & Nelson at enquiry@cookandnelson.com for further information.


With the arrival of spring brings with it dinner party season and House of Dumplings’ range is the perfect addition for both canapes and shared plates. Handmade with love, House of Dumplings has no dodgy bits and everything is made in house, including the pastry. The pastry is flavoured and coloured using vegetables, spices and seeds.

Each frozen box comes with a punnet of founder Vicky Ha’s mother’s famous sauce as well. The brand caters to the rise of veganism with vegan options available. The range is a nutritious option that is a perfect solution to the late and last minute meal problem. Made with local, ethical ingredients, these dumplings are healthy and beautiful little morsels with real flavour. House of Dumplings are dumplings with heritage and bring to the table an exciting authentic food flavour from around the globe. Fast and convenient, this artisanal option is affordable and accessible for consumers.

For more information or to order contact the queen of dumplings herself, Vicky Ha on 027 302 3309, email Vicky@houseofdumplings.co.nz or visit www.houseofdumplings.co.nz.


The NZ Tamarillo Cooperative all began when owners Heather and Robin tasted tamarillo relish on a panini at a café one weekend. The delicious taste prompted them to plant tamarillo trees on their 10-acre lifestyle block in Whangarei to make their own tamarillo relish, jams, jellies, sauces and vinaigrette dressing, which were quickly snapped up at local stores and gained popularity at the weekly farmers’ markets in Northland. Auckland retailers picked up on the success and consumer-demand of the products that they wanted to stock them, so the company was upscaled and commercialised to keep up with demand.

Otherwise known as Tamco Ltd, the NZ Tamarillo Cooperative was formed to secure a constant supply of high-grade fruit and the products marketed under the brand name ‘For the Love of Tams’.

Tamarillo is a special, quite rare fruit and the process to manufacture the relish and vinaigrette on a large scale had never been attempted before in NZ and, from some research, it hadn’t been tried overseas either meaning the equipment had to be designed and built in NZ. Both products were recently launched into the USA and will shortly be available in Australia.

The tamarillo relish is delicious on cheese and crackers, and freshly baked scones. Superb as a taste sensation to compliment chicken, fish, meat salads, vegetarian dishes, pies and much more. While the tamarillo vinaigrette is superb drizzled over salads, meats, seafood or added to marinades and dressings, whisked with olive oil and served as a dip or over strawberries and cream. Both products are gluten free.

For more information contact Robin Nitschke on 027 262 6949, email robin@tamco.co.nz or visit www.tamco.co.nz.


Six Barrel Soda Co. is the New Zealand market leader in craft soda, a growing category following on the heels of the craft beer boom.

Six Barrel Soda Co. is a fast-moving company and its brand-new production kitchen in Wellington allows them to offer its syrups to a wider range of retailers and consumers.

The range of creative soda syrups are perfect for home use with sodastream and are used in many of New Zealand's top bars, restaurants and cafes. Six Barrel Soda Co. are stocked in many top New Worlds, Farro, Moore Wilson’s, Commonsense Organics and other top retailers. Customers love the brand’s drinks because they are all natural and packaged beautifully. They use fair-trade organic sugar and mostly organic ingredients without preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The Lemon Honey Ginger syrup is selling very well in retail and is a finalist in the NZ Food Awards Gourmet category.

Its soda syrup range spans the classics, including Cola, Ginger Ale and Lemonade, to unique contemporary flavours such as Raspberry & Lemon and Cherry & Pomegranate; offering an option for all customers.

For more information or to start stocking the best contact Tegan Jenkins at tegan@sixbarrelsoda.co, call  021 167 3049, or visit www.sixbarrelsoda.co and be sure to follow them on Instagram - www.instagram.com/sixbarrelsodaco.


This artisan food producer has created a delicious range of fermented foods.  Their tangy sauerkrauts & kimchi contain beneficial probiotics believed to aid good digestion.

Living Goodness’ products are raw (pasteurisation kills any good bacteria) and contain live, prebiotic and probiotic bacteria both needed for a healthy digestion.    Each jar is big on flavour, packed with tasty, locally grown vegetables; from red & green cabbage with beetroot to cabbage with celeriac, carrots, onions & garlic and spicy chill to a super Superkraut loaded with seaweed with kale.  All are lovingly cut, mixed and fermented for two months ensuring maximum deliciousness.

And they’ve given a Kiwi twist to a Korean favourite, Kimchi to create their most popular flavour - Sum Yum Kimchi.

Eaten as a condiment with any dish these fermented foods will help your body digest your food whilst tasting great.  Try some Sassy Sauerkraut with salmon or some Heartbeet Kraut with a burger & blue cheese or even some Super Superkraut sprinkled on a salad.  Check out their website, livinggoodness.co.nz for more recipe ideas.

With new products & flavours on the horizon, there is no better time to try Living Goodness – because this Kraut rocks!

For more information contact info@livinggoodness.co.nz or call 0800 624 004.