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Munch is an eco-friendly New Zealand company that makes products by mums for mums and offers ideas and recipes to feed the family. Munch grew out of an Award-Winning Baby and Family cookbook and now offers an extensive range of baby and lunchbox storage options. We believe that food should be contained in natural products and those products must be environmentally friendly. Munch products incorporate strong design elements and are useful, beautiful and green.

The Munch Baby Essentials Range provides parents with practical baby essentials, that are unique, stylish, and from the fabulous, award winning, Wellington based Munch Cupboard. Products in this range include baby soothers and toys to help with teething and motor skills, reusable food pouches for foods on the go. It also includes a fabulous multi-purpose baby food tray, which you can use to bake or freeze in, and can be used as a toddler lunchbox.

Products in the Munch Baby Essential range have been designed with thought and care. These practical products are made from food safe materials and designed to be reusable.

We have a dedicated and loyal following of Mums & Dads who we are strongly connected to through a range of social media platforms. Munch is a group of mums working for things they believe, which is why we have such a strong following.

Munch is the most recent winner of the Buy NZ Hero Awards and has previously won a prestigious Australian Retailer Award, taking out Best Eco-Friendly Company at the largest Australian Natural Organic and Health Expo.

For more information, contact their New Zealand sales manager Judith Riepl on 0212922394, or visit. www.munchcupboard.com


Tommee Tippee launched in the UK 50 years ago with one goal - to make everyday life just a little easier for parents around the world.  Tommee tippee is now the Number One feeding brand in the UK and Australia, the fastest growing bottle brand in America and one of the top 5 baby essentials brands in the world.

Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Bottle has been created to make switching between breast and bottle feeding a stress-free experience. Bottles are designed with a unique, easy-latch-on teat. The award winning teat from Tommee Tippee is a breast-like shaped teat which supports the natural feeding action by mimicking the natural stretch and softness of a mum’s breast.  Mums can choose the flow speed to suit your baby’s needs.

Babies can become very attached to their favourite Soother.  Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Soothers have a high first-time acceptance rate baglet, so mums can easily switch between different shield styles within the collection without causing baby confusion.  “More babies accept our soothers first time” is printed on the packaging to enable a confident purchase.
Three styles are available; the classic Anytime Soother for a more discreet soother, the Funtime Soother featuring bright and playful funky designs and the Nighttime Soother designed a glow in the dark,(easier to spot at 2am).

Spill free sipping starts with Tommee Tippee’s innovative Closer to Nature sippee cup range.  The clever 2-piece patented easy to clean valve makes cleaning a breeze. The cups transition from babies at just 4 months right through to toddler at 24 months.  Lids and handles transfer across all cups for ease of use.

For more information on how Tommee Tippee can grow your category sales, talk to your Crossmark rep or phone Newborn Brands (NZ) Ltd on 0800 726 436.


Award-winning NZ made snack company Kiwigarden has a range to suit both babies and toddlers.

Made from 100 percent natural, no nasties, real ingredients, these freeze dried snacks cater for babies from about 10 months plus with their 20g resealable yoghurt drops pouch range. Flavours include coconut raspberry (category winner of the 2016 NZ food award), natural Greek, passion fruit and gold kiwi (all NZ Food Award finalists 2016).

This fast dissolving, high-protein snack is a great way to introduce self-feeders to new textures and flavours, without the mess! RRP $3.99

There's also the toddler/lunchbox range which features Crunchy Apple slices, Sweet Corn Kernels and 3 delicious yoghurt drops (Banana & Honey, Strawberry and Mixed Berry). These come in a box of 5 convenient individual serves, perfect for lunch boxes or snacks on the go. RRP $4.99


  • NZ made
  • One NZ Food Award winner and 7 NZ Food Award finalists
  • 100 percent Natural, No Nasties
  • No refined sugar
  • Baby range suitable for 10+ months
  • Fast dissolving drops
  • Gluten free
  • No GMO

For more information, visit www.kiwigarden.co.nz or contact your Alliance representative on 09 263 9466.


Annies  - food you trust - has always been focussed on presenting allergy friendly foods to an increasingly health conscious market of consumers.  For 30 years the New Zealand company has led the way in pure delicious food that is not only good for you but ticks most of the allergy boxes too. Annies 100% natural snack range is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, preservatives, sulphur,  yeast, and concentrates (meaning you get sensible fruit serves with their products) and there’s no added sugar.  With a passion for health and wellness Annies believe the best nutrition comes straight from nature, because nature knows best.

The Annies promise is to only ever make food you trust – Sales Manager Antony Burke says; “We know that consumers are becoming increasingly informed and aware of the food they eat and the food they feed their family – we love that Annies has always been a brand that consumers can trust, with ingredients everyone can understand.  And clearly, consumers love that too. It’s not something we’re ever going to change.”

Introducing our Annies 100% Fruit Bites – they come in two delicious flavours - Apple & Mango Passion or Apple & Mixed Berry!  The same delicious 100% air-dried fruit pulp but in bite-sized pieces. Perfect for new mums needing a healthy and nutritious snack on the run!!

A popular, trusted, well-known brand Annies are usually found in the fresh food section of your supermarket, and in leading health and fruit shops.


The Baby category is one of grocery's top five growth departments for 2017. Category growth is exceeding birth and immigration rates, mothers are choosing convenience pouch over the traditional jar and can format and aggressive pricing is improving affordability. It is more important now than ever to ensure your baby offer is aligned with your shopper's needs.

Only Organic Pouches are driving category growth at a rate three times faster 21.2 percent YA than category average 7.0 percent YA (IRI Total Grocery MAT 06/08/2017). The source of this growth has come from innovations in super food and value add with our Quinoa range and expansion of the baby shopper life cycle with the Kindy range.

All Only Organic wet baby food is manufactured in New Zealand using locally sourced apples, lamb, milk and chicken. Winning multiple awards over the last 6 years, Only Organic is the OHbaby! Best Baby food brand of 2016.

If you would like more information contact your College Hill Agencies Territory Manager, or phone 09 360 6160.