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Jazz – Always Refreshing

New Zealand-born and raised Jazz apples have now arrived in stores across the country. Recently judged New Zealand’s Best Apple of 2018 by Seven Sharp, Jazz is grown by T&G Global (formerly Turners and Growers) and partner growers in Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Nelson and Central Otago.

Freshly-picked premium Jazz, a natural cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn, are a hard-skinned and crisp, juicy bi-colour apple. It has the shape and sweetness of a Royal Gala combined with the fresh, tangy flavour of a Braeburn creating an always refreshing sensation. Its dense, crunchy white flesh makes it a hit with apple lovers of all ages. And it’s slow-browning, making it even more appealing for longer.

Jazz underwent a global brand refresh last year with a new eye-catching PLU and packaging that immediately leaps out of the retail environment.

To find out more visit www.jazzapple.com or www.tandg.global.

Superb Herb has some new ‘mini’ and ‘micro’ products to add to their already extensive range.

First is the Mini Basil.  This Basil variety has miniature leaves that are great for turning average meals into amazing ones.  The small leaves save the process of chopping and are great to scatter as a garnish.  A beautiful plant for your kitchen windowsill, this variety has improved shelf-life and is in-demand from discerning home-cooks.

Crazy Peas! Superb Herb’s first micro-green.  They get their name from the crazy way they look and because people go crazy for them.  Now home cooks can re-create the café-style food they have been enjoying with these pea-tendrils.  Sweet and crunchy, they are great for stir-fries, sandwiches, soups and amazing garnishes.  Crazy Peas have an excellent shelf life and once cut, they will regrow quickly for a second use.

These two new products are proving very popular.  Contact sean@superbherb.co.nz for more info.

Already chopped, sauce included, ready in five minutes!

This line-up of simply satisfying and delicious Stir Fry Kits are easy-to-prepare meals for the whole family. Made with crisp veggies and lip-smacking sauces to help redefine comfort food.

Ginger Garlic Stir Fry Kits

An aromatic blend of kale, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, and carrots paired with a Ginger Garlic Sauce will leave everyone asking for seconds and giving compliments to the chef, of course.

Orange Stir Fry Kit

A fresh blend of carrots, broccoli florets, and snow peas, topped with our famous orange sauce, will give your stir fry a sweet new edge.

Sesame Chili Stir Fry Kit – Silver medal at The Outstanding NZ Producer Awards 2018.

Our new Sesame Chili Stir Fry Kit will be an instant hit with you and your family. The spicy sesame sauce transforms the bok choy, broccoli florets, cabbage, and peas into a mouth-watering culinary adventure.

Teriyaki Stir Fry Kit

A vibrant blend of broccoli, kale, carrots, red cabbage, and peas, along with a tasty teriyaki sauce.

For more information contact Marie Potel at marie.potel@snapfreshfoods.com or phone 09 270 0122.

Fresh To Go is a Kiwi success story serving freshly made salads and healthy snacks to thriving food retailers nationwide. Healthy, delicious and oh, so nutritious – we keep your customers coming back for more!

What makes our products so special is our commitment to fresh. We only use the best, quality ingredients, prepared six days a week. A lot of our products are Cold Pasteurise (high pressure processed) so that freshness is naturally preserved without additives or preservatives. All the flavour and nutrients are retained but you get up to 21 days shelf life when kept refrigerated in our packaging, eliminating expensive waste.

Fresh salads are a staple but with Fresh To Go ready-made salads you are guaranteed quality produce, far less preparation time and radically reduced wastage.

The market has shown an increased demand not only for healthy food options but convenient products too.

For more information email Steph at steph@freshtogo.co.nz.

For too long kiwis have embellished salads with dull, perfectly round, always red, sometimes floury, boring tomatoes. Beekist Chef’s Selection and Sunshine Mix tomatoes, ditch the old uniform presentation of yesteryear and add an injection of shape, size, colour and flavour to everyone’s dishes. Diversity should be celebrated, and just like people, no two tomatoes should be considered the same.

Delicious and unique, tomatoes come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and each has its own natural taste sensation. Sweet or tangy. Subtle or savoury. Enjoy tomatoes the way nature intended, by bringing either a Beekist Tomato Chef’s Selection or Sunshine Mix to the table. With a pop of colour and taste, they will provide a welcome interruption not only to the eye but the palate too. What’s more, they are also a rich source of Vitamin C.

For information visit www.tandg.global.