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When healthy meets great taste and convenience.

Taylor Farms ‘range of chopped salad kits is the perfect option for a healthy and tasty meal that's ready in just two minutes. Each kit comes with a blend of freshly chopped vegetables, a unique dressing and add-ons such as; croutons, seeds, olives, cheese, wontons noodles, nuts or tortilla strips.

Everything is included so consumers just need to mix it up. Try all five different kits: Asian, Southwest, Kale, Mediterranean and Greek.

For more information please visit https://taylorfarms.co.nz or call Marie on 021 569 961.

Bringing three exciting new lines to the fresh produce aisle.

Superb Herb continues innovating by launching their new Leafy Greens range with fresh Cress, Kale and Crazy Peas. Like all other products from Superb Herb, these are free of nasty pesticides and as fresh as it can get as they are still growing in their pots.

To use without moderation, the tender kale is perfect for your morning green smoothie, the peppery Cress is perfect with salmon or meat, and the Crazy Peas are a great addition to any salad or in stir-fries. 

For more recipes, please check out the Superb website: www.superbherb.co.nz

Nestled amongst the rolling hills of Pukekohe, is the original homestead and fertile growning region of the Fresh Grower’s premium product range. 

 Originally a grandfather and father business, the Fong family’s dedication to fresh produce started in 1948 when Allans father, started growing a select range of crops from a 12ha holding.   

 Joining the family business, Allan and his brother, Colin have continued to expand the range of vegetables to include a diverse range of speciality lettuces, with Baby Cos being the premium line.  Other varieties include Bellaverde (Sweet Stem Brocolli), Large Cos, Fennel, Spinach, Coriander and a range of asian vegetables.

For more information please email thefreshgrowernz@gmail.com or visit https://www.thefreshgrower.co.nz/

Gisborne Encore Mandarins – making summer sweet.

Our family of orchardists have been busy and Gizzy Encore Mandarins are now in season, so they’re super fresh and delivered to you in perfect condition. They are the true Kiwi summer citrus, because they are ripe and juicy from mid-October to late February. And because they’re grown in sunny Gisborne, they’re sweeter than ever.

These self-contained, little bundles of goodness are easy to peel, great in salads, desserts or frozen and used as ice cubes in drinks. They’re low in fat and rich in vitamin A, B and C, rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium, with a high fibre content of 14 percent.

Mandarins help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes, due to the presence of anti-oxidants which protect the skin from UVA rays, preventing sun damage as well as free radicals. So, make your customers’ summer sweet and healthy and get some Gizzy Encore Mandarins instore today.

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Unique shape, surprisingly sweet, and so versatile. Thanks to their thinner skin, they have a softer bite, plus there are hardly any seeds inside. They add a surprisingly sweet accent to a wide variety of hot and cold dishes.

They are sweeter than your regular capsicum. Your shoppers will be hooked after their first bite…even the kids.

Quick and easy to prepare, and ready in minutes.  Cook in stir-fries, grill, roast or stuff.  Serve raw in salads, cut for dips or snacks.

Summer is coming, and these sweeties are a sure hit for snacking and BBQs.

For more information contact us at freshwest@xtra.co.nz