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  • Three delicious ciders made from single variety apples.
  • Each of these batch brewed craft ciders has a unique depth and character derived from the apple flavour of each variant.
  • The Apple variant taste ranges from semi-sweet to complex and full flavoured.
  • Batch brewed in New Zealand

What’s your favourite apple? There’s an apple cider to suit everyone's taste preference.

Braeburn Apple

  • 12pk 330ml Honesty Box Cider, Braeburn Apple $25.99 RRP
  • 500ml Can, Braeburn Apple $5.99 RRP

Crisp and bright Braeburn apple.

"Like biting into a fresh slice of Braeburn apple — balanced and full flavoured.”

NZ Rose Apple

  • 500ml Can, NZ Rose Apple $5.99 RRP

"Like biting into a fresh slice of NZ Rose apple — balanced and full flavoured.”

Granny Smith Apple

  • 500ml Can, Granny Smith $5.99 RRP

Complex and refined Granny Smith.

“Like biting into a fresh slice of Granny Smith apple — balanced and full flavoured.”

For more information contact Kris Hansen on 0274 555 135.


Scrumpy is the number 1 cider brand in New Zealand offering four mouth-watering flavours to suit all taste buds and occasions. All locally produced at the Harvest Cidery in Gisborne using locally grown apples.

Scrumpy Apple Cider – The original Scrumpy flavour launched in 1991. An intensely rich apple flavour with a dry finish makes this a standout from the many other ‘Scrumpy’ style ciders.

Scrumpy Raspberry Cider - Launched in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. The burst of Raspberry flavour mixed with local apples makes this a fan favourite.

Scrumpy Lemon Cider - The fresh lemon zing paired with refreshing apple makes it the ideal choice for summer.

Scrumpy Ginger Cider - Scrumpy Ginger is the latest addition to the Scrumpy family, providing a rich apple flavour with a pep of ginger.

For more information visit www.harvestcider.co.nz

For information around ordering phone the Lion Customer Service Centre on 0800 10 72 72 or contact your Lion sales rep.

T&R is a sweet fruit flavoured easy drinking cider blending natural fruit flavours with premium NZ-grown apples to deliver a sweet and refreshing cider, batch-brewed in sunny Gisborne. There are four flavours to choose from, so if you like something different, you're in for a treat.

Strawberry and Lime - You can’t beat this soft sweet strawberry burst blended with a dash of tangy lime. Best enjoyed chilled over ice with lime.

Nashi Pear & Passionfruit – The blend of Crisp Nashi pear and the sweetness of the exotic passionfruit make this the perfect summer drink. Best enjoyed chilled over ice.

Apple and Ginger - The zing of ginger blended with crisp East Coast apples makes this the perfect choice for refreshing on those hot stuffy days or warming up on a cool balmy evening.

Watermelon and Cucumber - The blend of Cucumber and Watermelon is truly sensational. Fresh, crisp and mouth-watering good, this blend will leave you wanting more. Best enjoyed chilled over ice.

For more information visit www.harvestcider.co.nz

For information around ordering phone the Lion Customer Service Centre on 0800 10 72 72 or contact your Lion sales rep.

Crooked cider produces an award-winning medium dry cider range.  The styles include an apple pure and natural; apple with Nelson black currants;  apple with real ginger root.  All are presented in 500ml craft size bottles and retail for 6.99.  The apple is a champagne, new age style with a granny smith tang, and is not over sweetened.  The apple with blackcurrant has a beautiful ruby red hue and is well balanced on the pallet.   The apple with real ginger root is cloudy, produces some ginger heat, and the ginger is dominant similar to ginger beer.  the ciders have won multiple awards including new world beer and cider silvers 2016,2017, and the blackcurrant won a bronze at this years royal Adelaide show in Australia.  Crooked cider is independently audited by Assured Food standards.  Fermentation and bottling are completed in sunny Gisborne and distribution are based in Auckland and Wellington.

For more information and distribution enquiries contact Paul Elsom from Stellare New Zealand, on 0211984998.

Crooked headquarters are based in Willis St Wellington, and the Kapiti Coast.


Brewed in rural Hawkes Bay amidst a large apple & pear orchard, Hawkes Bay Brewing Co cider is available in both its special 330ml bottles and on tap in bars throughout the North Island.

Designed especially for the take-home market in a fridge-ready carry pack the Kingston Cider is a sparkling medium dry cider - full-bodied and made from a variety of traditional cider apples. Hawkes Bay Brewing Co has been making cider for over 20 years and although the technology is keeping up to date, the taste remains as crisp, clean, simple and delicious as the day the first bottle was filled.

Hawkes Bay Brewing Co offers a range to suit all tastes - all bottled in the brand's distinctive 330ml bottle. Along with Kingston Cider, there is also a Perry (pear) cider and a low-alcohol cider with a hint of passionfruit.

Other non-beer products include (Old Fashioned Ginger Beer, Spiced Ginger beer, Ginger Fusion and Red Sangria) recently won third prize in the Artisan Award Category at the 2017 NZ Food Awards.

And the beers haven't even been mentioned yet.

For more information visit www.hbbc.co.nz, call 0800 696 2837 or email sales@hbbc.co.nz.