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Hawke's Bay Brewing has upgraded its popular baby duck and made it a super duck with the release of its large 620ml bottle. With bold flavours, Super Duck is infused with burnt caramel, toffee, chocolate and coffee characteristics all brewed together to produce a fine dark pale ale.

Super Duck is brewed with five malts in 18th Century London style. The ale is then left for 40 plus days in its maturation tank to age and deepen the flavour.

For more information visit www.hhbc.co.nz, contact sales@hbbc.co.nz or phone 0800 696 2837.

Fugazi Hoppy Session Ale is the latest brew from the team at the Garage Project.  

The complex 2.2 percent ale harnesses a selection of malts, and the generous dose of Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops to create a light but satisfying beer that punches well above its weight. Grapey, gooseberry and grapefruity qualities of Nelson Sauvin marry the earthy, woody quality of Simcoe to create a welcoming and approachable, medium bodied yet spritzy low alcohol beverage.

A true sheep in wolf’s clothing.

For more information phone 04 801 8076 or visit www.garageproject.co.nz.

Summer just got a whole lot better in Central Otago with B.Effect’s bestselling Wanaka Lager and Pop’n Pils NZ Pilsner now available in six-packs of 330ml cans. The teams Wanaka Lager has a hint of Vienna malt, along with light notes of NZ hops making it the perfect refreshment for when you just need a beer.   

Pop’n Pils is the quintessential New Zealand Pilsner with bright hop notes of grapefruit and citrus making it perfect for any occasion up the lake, or in the mountains.

Press Send Pale Ale and Cut Cat Session IPA will be available in 330ml cans and six Packs by April.  B. Effect also now able to offer these throughout New Zealand with our national distributor Brandhouse.

For more information please contact James Hay - james@beffect.co.nz or visit www.beffect.co.nz or alternately call Brandhouse on 0508468688.

Not every lager is as strait-laced as it looks.

Miss Conduct is a dry-hopped pilsner brewed to score a skilful balance between the sweetness of its malts and the subtle bitterness of its hops. The result is a light, golden coloured beer that has a fruity citrus flavour and a light, crisp finish.

This brew doesn’t shy away from a hit of flavour – serve it with spicy jerk chicken sliders or Asian pork and herb dumplings. The beer is available in both a six pack and 12 pack.

For more information visit www.macs.co.nz. 

Black Box is indeed Fluro Orange. Who would ever have painted it black if they wanted it to be found?

Mike’s Beer has jammed together the best bang for buck sampler pack in the country. With Pale Ales still on-trend, they’ve included a selection of their best brews. The box features Kaitake pale ale, OMPA Onemorepaleale, Flight of the Falcon APA, Full Nelson IPA, accompanied by an easy drinking LongLine Lager and Pils-Nah.

For more information contact orders@mikesbeer.co.nz or sales@mikesbeer.co.nz and phone 06 752 3676