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Cassels recently launched its Lucky 6 range, a mixed pack of six 328ml bottles. The pack contains five of the brews some from its core range and a ‘special release’ of its ever so popular Lager, that normally can only be purchased on tap. Since launching Lucky 6, the mixed pack has become one of the brands fastest moving packaged beer products in Supermarkets and customers cannot get enough of it. This will be the third release and has been a powerful marketing tool to create awareness of the Cassels & Sons range of bottled beers.

 The pack includes:

  •  Cassels & Sons Extra Pale Ale 4.9%
  • Cassels & Sons Red IPA 6.6%
  • Cassels & Sons Milk Stout 5.2%
  • Cassels & Sons Pilsner 5.3%
  • Cassels & Sons One Pale Ale 6%
  • Cassels & Sons Lager 4.3%


This Christmas Cassels will also release a very limited edition 4-pack which includes the below four beer styles from our 518ml bottle range. The pack has been created as a Christmas offering, the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys premium craft beer, in a larger bottle to share. 

  • Cassels & Sons Milk Stout 5.2%
  • Cassels & Sons Extra Pale Ale 4.9%
  • Cassels & Sons Pilsner 5.3%
  • Cassels & Sons One Pale Ale 6%

 Please contact Cassels & Sons Brewing Co. on 0800 667789 or email: beerorders@casselsbrewery.co.nz.

Ranga has recreated that homemade taste of real Gingerbeer. They’ve tweaked the recipe a bit so that the bottles don’t explode, and ramped up the alcohol to 4.5%, but otherwise, it’s that same refreshing taste. The result is an off-dry style Gingerbeer with the ginger infused in the conditioning stage.

The taste described by one ginger beer expert as: “spicy and snappy on the palate with just the faintest edge of sweet. You may say it’s like your favourite chunk of ginger crunch, boosted with a bit of booze and bundled into a bottle.”

Available through your local DC Or head to www.ranga.co.nz.

McLeod's Paradise Pale Ale

One of McLeod's flagship beers, the Paradise Pale Ale is the everyday beer that's anything but 'everyday'. Brimming with a blend of Australian and New Zealand hops, it's a tropical fruit bowl in a bottle. With starfruit, citrus, and papaya on the nose and enough light malt to keep it balanced and refreshing, there's a little 'paradise' in every pour. 

For more information visit www.mcleodsbrewery.co.nz or contact geoff@mcleodsbrewery.co.nz.

Aroha is a range of craft sodas made at Waikirikiri farm in Canterbury. Aroha grow, juice and bottle the fruits and flowers in their drinks themselves creating one of New Zealand's' few true craft sodas. Single strength juices are used in the drinks giving a true to fruit flavour.

People are getting tired of the trick big companies play when it comes to the word ’natural’ and the word ‘craft’ and are looking for more legitimacy in products. Aroha take pride in representing that legitimacy in their drinks. Using heritage New Zealand fruits such as Feijoa, Elderflower, Quince and Rhubarb the Aroha range helps provide cafes and stores with a refreshing point of difference.

Contact mark@arohadrinks.com if you are interested to find out more.

Summer is coming along with IPA season for beer lovers and Lakeman’s Hair Hop IPA is a beauty.

Winner of the coveted trophy for Strong Pale Ale at the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards 2018 backing up from a silver medal at the Australian International Beer awards this IPA has been smashing it this year. The Hairy Hop is a bold, hop-forward IPA with aromas of fresh Summer fruits, citrus and a hint of pine. The smooth malt ends with a pop of citrus flavours.

Batch brewed in Taupo with the highest quality ingredients and pristine water drawn from an aquifer located directly below the brewery.

For more information visit www.lakemanbrewing.co.nz and for distribution enquiries please contact us at info@lakemanbrewing.co.nz