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Wave farewell to mental fogginess and bid adieu to butterflies with Ārepa, the all-natural, revolutionary new smart drink that combines neuroscience, nature and technology to support mental clarity.

Founder Angus Brown, in partnership with world-renowned neuroscientist Professor. Andrew Scholey has spent over four years developing Ārepa and clinically testing the formula with some of New Zealand's top universities. Ārepa, which means Alpha in Māori, is made with a unique formula of New Zealand plant extracts such as pine bark extract Enzogenol and blackcurrant extract combined with Japanese green tea compounds. Ārepa is 100% natural, caffeine-free, and contains over two grams of polyphenols. Oh, and with a base of organic juice from Hawke’s Bay apples and Canterbury blackcurrants, it tastes as good as it’ll make you feel.
Visit www.drinkarepa.com for more information.

Made in Nelson by husband and wife duo, Pete and Marleen, Pete’s Natural is passionate about making lemonades the traditional way. They fill a niche market, using only freshly squeezed fruit from New Zealand growers, while most other companies use concentrates from overseas.

They embrace what they call ‘fair trade at home’ which means when you’re drinking Pete’s Natural Lemonades, you’re supporting other New Zealand businesses too. Only New Zealand grown fruit is used, freshly squeezed, no concentrates from overseas, they look after our own farmers first.

They buy oranges from Hawke's Bay, Kerikeri and Gisborne as they don't grow in the Nelson climate. Other fruit in the drinks range, including blackcurrants, feijoas, lemons and limes comes from Tapawera, Golden Bay and Moutere Valley, while chillies for their Chilli Lemonade are grown in both Hawke's Bay and Nelson. The Kola is made from a Kola Nut Extract, also again made right here in New Zealand.

Pete and Marleen’s passion has meant they have taken their company from strength to strength – growing the brand from one to nine flavours since 2009. The entire range includes Kola, Lemon Chilli, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Feijoa, Orange Berry, Currant Crush, Lime-o-nade and most recently, Raspberry Kola in collaboration with Ling & Zing from The Block NZ.

The lemonades are a healthy, nutritious, and delicious alternative to traditional sodas. They are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, with about 50 % less sugar than most other sparkling beverages.

For more information contact Marleen on peteslemonade@xtra.co.nz or visit www.peteslemonade.co.nz.

Instagram: @Petesnatural

Facebook: @Petesnaturallemonade

Six Barrel Soda Co. make New Zealand's best soda syrups and craft sodas.

Its range features excellent versions of classic flavours as well as unique and interesting options to help your store stand out and compete in the premium grocery space.

Six Barrel Soda Co. soda syrups are the first option for the craft soda syrup category in grocery and deliver good margin at a premium price point. They are used with soda stream and are presented with striking design. Our Lemon Honey Ginger syrup works as a hot or cold drink and since its launch in winter 2017 is selling very well in grocery.

The bottled soda range is perfect for premium chilled display alongside kombucha and cold pressed juices. We have craft versions of classic flavours - Cola, Lemonade and Ginger Ale - as well as creative options -Raspberry & Lemon, Cherry Pomegranate and our Sugar Free Cucumber & Mint.

Syrup cartons 6 x 500mL. Soda cartons 15 x 330mL.

Foodstuffs/SAP registered. Promotional program available. Available to view the range on RangeMe

Contact sales@sixbarrelsoda.co or Tegan on 0211673049 to get the good stuff in store asap.


Do you remember the ginger beer that everyone used to make at home?  People all over NZ used to make ginger beer at home with a ‘plant’ or ‘bug’, and they still tell tales of it exploding in the linen cupboard or the garage! Hakanoa have made the exact same brew without the exploding part.

Hakanoa’s award-winning classic Dry Ginger Beer is NZ’s only shelf-stable traditionally brewed ginger beer.  It’s all natural, is free from additives and preservatives, gluten-free and best of all it’s not too sweet; containing about half the sugar of leading brands.

The Lime & Chilli variant has become the go-to sober driver drink for Aucklanders in summer – it’s the perfect grown-up soft drink to take to a BBQ.

Hakanoa have been brewing their ginger beers for eight years and developed a cult following for these super-quenchy wild ferment soft drinks through hundreds of boutique cafes around the country.

For more information contact Rebekah - rebekah@hakanoa-handmade.co.nz, call 021 505 225 or visit www.hakanoa-handmade.co.nz.

Soda Press Co sales break through 150% growth mark for 2017

Soda Press Co founded by Cameron Romeril 3 years ago has for the 2nd year in a row galvanised it’s place the most awarded and leading premium syrup in the new sub category of ‘enablers’ (syrups for SodaStream, Cocktails, Sodas, Mixers, even to make popsicles!) “We’ve observed the declining Soda and Cordial market for some time and by designing a product that addresses what consumers actually want (premium, healthier and better-tasting products with organic ingredients) we’ve been able to buck the trend”. We now have 8 flavours with several world firsts, including Blonde Cola and Raspberry & Mint, (We’ve even produced the world’s first clear organic tonic syrup which is our sales leader). We just picked up several awards at the Royal Hobart International Food Awards including the top gong of Champion Beverage which makes us proud as a Kiwi company to be kicking goals across the ditch.

Key Benefits to Soda Press’ success

  • Certified Organic
  • 50-60% less sugar (no nasty stevia)
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Preservative, GMO, and additive free
  • Makes 17 standard drinks
  • Perfectly paired with SodaStreams’ market growth



(03) 2653 444