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Born from the desire to offer healthy and delicious ready to eat meals to the world, Fresh to Go is a Kiwi success that has been whipping up freshly made salads and snacks for thriving food retailers nationwide for almost 20 years.

Freshly and lovingly hand-prepared six days a week, Fresh to Go’s salads are the perfect healthy solution for those who don’t always have the time. Using their own recipes to create the best locally grown, quality produce, is what sets them apart. Their commitment to retaining their produce in its most nutritious state is achieved by using only high pressure as a method of preservation, none of those other nasties needed.

Fresh to Go’s large prepack and bulk range offer's a healthy, delicious and convenient meal solution for all with a whole range to suit even the fussiest eaters. Whether vegan, gluten-free, flexitarian; there’s bound to be an option for any consumer.

Get to know more about them at https://www.freshtogo.co.nz/ or contact marketing@freshtogo.co.nz

The Arnold Sorensen Smoked Petites Sardines is an innovative product imported from Latvia. It represents the fresh concept of canned fish production and presentation to consumers. The wild caught fish is naturally wood smoked and individually hand packed. No artificial ingredients and cutting-edge, innovative design - a transparent lid come together to make the ultimate, healthy product, which is loved by many New Zealanders.

  • Petites Sardines in oil Arnold Sorensen - 160g
  • Petites Sardines in oil with mustard seeds Arnold Sorensen - 120g
  • Petites Sardines in oil with thyme and lemon Arnold Sorensen - 120g

For more information visit www.skazka.co.nz.

Riga Gold is a selection of the finest canned fish. Made according to time-proven recipes and passed down through generations., this product range will make it possible for you to enjoy the taste of Riga. A natural source of Omega 3, Riga is a natural wood smoked, wild, GMO and BPA free and gently hand packed.

  • Riga Gold range includes:
  • Bristling Sardines in oil with Lemon 120g
  • Bristling Sardines in oil with Chilli 120g
  • Bristling Sardines in oil with Gourmet Spices 120g

For more information visit www.skazka.co.nz.


NoShortcuts Gourmet Chutneys is a stand-alone business manufacturing, marketing, and distributing handcrafted artisan chutneys and relishes.

Through a passion and love for fine food, owner Mary Brons was inspired to create the name No Shortcuts to reflect the care and straight-forward approach that has been adopted in the development and creation of her premium product range. There are simply ‘no shortcuts’ taken in the manufacturing process, with each product being created from fresh, natural ingredients that we all know and understand. At times the preparation and cooking process may seem painstakingly time-consuming, but this labour of love achieves beautiful flavour and texture in small batches.

NoShortcuts was a finalist in the NZ Food Awards 2017, for their Feijoa and Ginger Jam. In 2018 the same Feijoa and Ginger jam was chosen as part of the Kiwiana hamper gifted by our PM Jacinda Ardern, to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

NoShortcuts’ Mustard Pickle was a finalist in the NZ Artisan Award 2018, the Feijoa Kasundi was a winner of the Countdown Supermarkets Grocery Food Award of the 2018 NZ Food Awards and a Silver Medal winner in the Outstanding Producers Awards 2019.

Despite her growth and success, Mary still prides herself on hand producing for today’s time-poor yet health conscious and environmentally aware consumers, a range of traditional chutney, pickle, relish and jam that is wholesome, real food, in the fast and easy convenience of a recyclable glass jar.

Enquiries to mary@noshortcuts.co.nz or 027 285 1111

Ghiotti specialities – these meats are incredibly tasty and are excellent for use in a range of dishes and platters.
Coppa di Parma is traditionally from Lombardia. Full of flavour, this meat is essential in an antipasto platter.
No longer a secret outside of Italy, Pancetta Smoked is a hit among chefs worldwide.
Soppressa Veneta’s name and shape refer to a time when the Salame aromatised with wine and garlic and pressed between planks to age.
Not smoked but cured is the difference when it comes to Pancetta Arrtolata. Using salt, pepper and cloves among other spices to add taste and moisture to your best dish.

European Foods are committed to presenting only the best authentic and top quality food products, carefully selected from across Europe to bring innovation and flavour to New Zealand.

For more information visit www.ghiotti.co.nz or phone 09 551 7410.