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Since 1988, Kea Cookies has been supplying ‘free-from’ cookies to NZ consumers that are not only great tasting but gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free. Based in St Johns, the company provides delicious alternatives for consumers with allergies or intolerances. Its current range of nine flavours of gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free cookies includes Choc Chip, Double Choc Chip, Macadamia, Hokey Pokey, Gingernut, Vanilla, Almond, Peanut Brownies and Coconut. Two new offerings to the range include a Lemon Coconut and an Organic Choc Cookie.

“We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers for not just our great tasting products, but also the innovations that are being launched,” said Kea Cookies.

The premium cookie brand has been working on bringing the brand to life with new packaging featuring a story for each flavour.

For more information contact info@keacookies.co.nz or visit www.keacookies.co.nz.


Things are buzzing at Fix & Fogg. The Wellington-based peanut butter makers have just released two new SKU’s; a Honey peanut butter and Double Trouble – a larger 750g jar of Super Crunchy. This comes on the back of the success at the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards where they won the ‘Outstanding People’s Choice Producer’, and its Dark Chocolate peanut butter won the ‘Outstanding Producer – Earth Crafted’ award. After opening a larger production facility last year, they are now expanding their floor area once again, bringing in new machinery and new staff members to help with the ever-increasing demand. That doesn’t mean they’re taking any shortcuts, however. The company’s Super Crunchy, Smooth, Smoke & Fire and Honey varieties all contain no preservatives, no additives, no emulsifiers, no foreign oils or refined sugar, and are GMO-free, ensuring their peanut butter is natural, healthy and delicious.

Fix & Fogg are committed to reducing its environmental impact and giving back to the community that supports them. They regularly donate peanut butter to Women’s Refuge, Ronald McDonald House and City Missions throughout the country. Fix & Fogg enjoy partnering with other producers who share their values of sustainability and integrity. Their award-winning Smoke & Fire uses Kaitaia Fire organic chilli, and their Honey peanut butter uses J.Friend and Co’s raw native Beechwood honey – J.Friend & Co are also certified organic and part of the Carbonsouth Certification Program. Developing new and innovative peanut butter is what helps Fix & Fogg retain their premium placement in the spreads category and is something they’re committed to continuing.

For more information contact Thom Brooks on 021 190 5695 or info@fixandfogg.co.nz.



For the past 20 years, GDL Brands has been supplying New Zealand retailers with quality consumer products. GDL Brands was purchased almost two years ago by Kamal Jhaveri, with previous owners Frank and Lesley Geaney staying on to offer help and expertise. Jhaveri bought years of experience in industries such as supermarkets, health lifestyle stores and import/export to help develop GDL Brands with new and innovative thinking.

The company always seeks to provide profitable products for retailers – although not only in the financial realm. The business is based on the belief that ensuring a product is tasty and meets consumer demands will drive long-term repurchasing from customers. GDL is constantly on the lookout for new products that will fill gaps for retailers, increase spending from existing customers and cater towards bringing in new customers.

One such product is Piranha Snaps. The potato based snacks are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives as well as being gluten free and vegan. Furthermore, Piranha Snaps contain active probiotics, essential in maintaining good gut health.

GDL is currently in development of three new products with local manufacturers for its snack food range. The confectionery lines will soon grow to include more sugar-free, vegetarian, vegan and organic products, to meet customer demands and food trends. GDL is in the process of opening offices in Wellington and is aiming to open offices in Christchurch before the end of 2018.

For more information contact Nikhil Khushal on 09 412 7146.


DJ&A is an Australian-based multinational importer, exporter, distributor and manufacturer of quality food and beverages, with a focus on new, healthy snacking and a view to exploring radically different concepts. “Exceptional service and exceptional quality,” said co-founder Jeremy. “We want to convert as many people to healthy eating as possible!”

DJ&A Veggie Crisps are not only gluten free, but also have 30 percent less fat than regular fried potato chips. The crisps are lightly vacuum cooked to lock in flavour and include yellow sweet potato, purple sweet potato, carrot, green radish, green beans and shiitake mushrooms. The all natural product has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, no trans-fat or cholesterol while also having no added GMO’s or MSG. There are a number of vege crisps on the market, but DJ&A is set apart through the use of whole vegetable products in their original form. DJ&A doesn’t pulp or reconstitute the vegetables.

“It’s harder to cheat customers that way,” said Jeremy, noting that DJ&A don’t actually want to cheat their customers at all, but rather give them the best possible snacking options. “It’s a great way to get your daily fruit and veg,” he explained. “There are a lot of happy customers out there.”

DJ&A display all their products in store in clear packaging, and don’t rely on television advertising to convince consumers to choose healthier snacks. Ultimately, Jeremy believes that the public knows what is best for them. “Give them a range of options,” he said, “and let them decide”.

For more information contact Plum Agencies on 021 116 8018.


Nourish Healthy Foods is an exciting and innovative Wellington company that has created healthy snack bars using gluten-free, nutrient-rich whole food ingredients. Stockists will be pleased with excellent margin potential, low capital outlay and the quick stock turns due to the small outer/shipper MOQ. Extensive interactions with the target market shaped the development of the Nourish bars to meet the growing market for a convenient, healthy snack for between meals or pre/post any exercise. It became clear to the brand that customers were looking for snacks that are full of natural nutrients and free from chemicals, which mirrors today’s modern nutritional thinking. Therefore, Nourish Healthy Foods bars are made crammed with 12g protein plus 7g fibre and good fats from premium nuts.

Its new range consists of the following classic pairings of Honey & Almond, Cacao & Hazelnut, and Vanilla & Walnut which are destined to fly off the shelves. The bars feature innovative, fun, bright and eye-catching packaging that will create interest in the customer’s eye.

John Matsis is the founder of Nourish Healthy Foods, and with his 20 years of experience in the food industry and a Bachelor of Food Technology, he decided to dive into this exciting new venture. Nutrition and exercise have always been his passion along with his expertise in food product development and processing he has the perfect insight into bringing these bars to life.

For more information or enquiries contact John on 021 18 27 603, info@nourishnz.com or visit www.nourishnz.com.