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Since 1874, Bickford’s has been synonymous with premium cordials to generations of Australians and has proudly remained one of the country’s oldest and most loved brands. Our National Trust heritage icon listed flagship Lime Juice cordial has changed little since it was first crafted in the 1860s as a cure for scurvy by apothecary William Bickford.

As both the most popular premium cordial and only major cordial brand in consistent year-on-year growth in Australia, Bickford’s has growing appeal with the range proudly containing up to 35% fruit juice and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. This refreshing, thirst quenching collection includes a mix of traditional and contemporary flavours that are at their best when diluted to taste with soda or still water. From classic mixers such as Lemon Juice, Raspberry, Ginger Beer or Lemon & Barley, through to our contemporary favourites such as Cranberry, Peach Iced Tea or Lemon, Lime & Bitters, along with our new and delicious low joule Light range, Bickford’s has an option for everyone and every taste.

For inquiries regarding stocking or distributing the profitable and growing Bickford’s premium cordial range, please contact Chris Bhimy at Stellare New Zealand Limited, on 021 193 9126, or email chris@stellare.co.nz



René’s Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened organic tea that is used as a functional probiotic beverage. The actual Kombucha culture is a symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and yeast creating a most pleasant non-alcoholic beverage.

What sets René’s Kombucha apart from the rest of the pack is its outstanding natural, yet complex, flavour.

This is achieved by using high-quality organic fruit teas, organic green tea and organic Tulsi (sacred basil). Organic golden cane sugar is used as fuel for the Kombucha cultures. Hand- and batch made in Maungaturoto in Northland, Rene’s Kombucha is not pasteurised nor carbonated, yet has a pleasant fizz from the natural fermentation. The refrigerated shelf life is three months from bottling.

Available in small and large bottles, as well as on tap, the Kombucha offers a pleasant lift and has unique flavour profiles. The larger bottles often serve as a great non-alcoholic substitute for a bottle of wine.

René's Kombucha is currently available in four flavour variants including Pomegranate, Lemon & Ginger, Red Berry and Guarana & Açai.

René’s Kombucha was created by René Archner who’s inspiring vision that superfoods can be both healthy and delicious infuses every bottle.

For more information contact René Archner on rene.archner@gmail.com, call 09 431 8871, mobile 027 555 1622 or visit www.renearchner.com.




CHIA + AWAKA are leaders in health and innovation. As winners of both the New Zealand Food Awards Health Category and New Zealand Functional Beverage of the Year, these functional drinks are must haves on the shelf.

CHIA is made by Nelson sisters Chloe and Florence by blending hydrated chia seeds with natural juices. CHIA is rich in Omega 3, magnesium, calcium, iron, electrolytes, and fibre, making them the perfect on the go nutritional boost.

The selection includes Blueberry, Blackcurrant and Orange & Passionfruit with two new recent additions; Feijoa Pink Guava, and Coconut Water & Mango.

AWAKA is their most recent creation and another New Zealand first. AWAKA is a range of sparkling coconut waters infused with New Zealand fruit. Refreshing like a lemonade, without the added sugar, and with the goodness of coconut water as a base.  AWAKA comes in two varieties New Zealand Lemon and New Zealand Blackcurrant.

AWAKA is a much awaited healthy sparkling drink option for consumers, with nothing similar in the market.

CHIA + AWAKA are healthy, nutritious, and delicious. They are gluten free, vegan, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients.

For more information contact Chloe Van Dyke on info@chia.co.nz, or visit www.chia.co.nz.

Instagram: @Chianewzealand
Facebook: @Chianewzealand




Taha Beverages brings consumers a non-alcoholic quencher made from sustainably hand-picked Kawakawa, Manuka Honey, natural ginger and pure New Zealand water. Taha is derived from a fusion of traditional Asian and New Zealand Maori herbal knowledge.

The magic ingredient in Taha is Kawakawa. The Kawakawa is picked wild from the forest on family land at Waitomo Caves and the Bay of Islands. It is then sent to the brewer, Steam Brewing, in Auckland where the other ingredients are added and Taha is made.

Taha - translated from Maori has a number of meanings including; to belong, side and edge and these have been infused into the beverage.

Taha belongs to Aotearoa-New Zealand – the land of the long white cloud. Taha’s ingredients work side-by-side to bring consumers a refreshing sparkling tonic from the edge of the world.

For more information email richard@tahabeverages.com, call 021 619 075 or visit www.tahabeverages.com.





GoodBuzz Beverage Co. was started by Alex and Amber Campbell in Wellington in July of 2014. They launched with a range of fermented tea drinks called kombucha under the Good Buzz brand. Today, the range currently consists of seven flavours in 330ml bottles including; Origins, Lemon Ginger, Feijoa (the number one seller), Jasmine, Cold Brew Coffee, and a newly released Raspberry Lemon.

The brand plans to launch retail multi-packs in the coming months and over the next year – larger bottles, new flavours and a new line of healthier-for-you soft drinks.

The kombucha brew was born out of a passion for making it at home using a culture passed down through Alex’s family starting with his grandmother from Kaikohe in 1974. Amber’s brew was unlike the vinegary tonic-like kombucha brews they had tasted before and they saw a great opportunity in the New Zealand marketplace to provide a low-sugar alternative to soft drinks, and a premium brewed experience for those abstaining from alcoholic beverages.

In April 2017, the brewery was moved to a 600sm facility in Tauranga, sharing a space with a contract bottler and allowing for increased production capacity. Current production is now about 40,000L per month but will expand to 200,000L per month.

Traditionally, kombucha is brewed from water, tea, sugar and kombucha culture. GoodBuzz kombucha is raw and unpasteurised, certified organic by BioGro NZ, certified fair trade by Fairtrade NZ, approved by the Vegetarian Society of NZ and Coeliac Society of NZ, with no added sweeteners.

For more information email info@goodbuzz.nz or call 07 543 5126 or visit www.goodbuzz.nz.