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Wave farewell to mental fogginess and bid adieu to butterflies with Ārepa, the all-natural, revolutionary new smart drink that combines neuroscience, nature and technology to support mental clarity.

Founder Angus Brown, in partnership with world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Andrew Scholey, has spent over four years developing Ārepa and clinically testing the formula with some of New Zealand’s top universities. Ārepa, which means Alpha in Māori, is made with a unique formula of New Zealand plant extracts such as pine bark extract Enzogenol and blackcurrant extract combined with Japanese green tea compounds. Ārepa is 100% natural, caffeine-free, and contains over two grams of polyphenols. Oh, and with a base of organic juice from Hawke’s Bay apples and Canterbury blackcurrants, it tastes as good as it’ll make you feel.

Visit www.drinkarepa.com for more information.

The Chia Co. boasts a variety of chia-based products that embrace the power of plant-based nutrition in an approachable, simple way.  Natural, ethical and sustainable, The Chia Co. consistently deliver a positive contribution to global health through high-quality chia that can easily be incorporated into any meal adding nothing but complete nutrition. Seeds, salad boosters and Chia oil now available.

Please contact sales@naturalthings.co.nz or your local Selling Solutions Rep on 0800 674 264 for more details.

The CleanPaleo brand encompasses a range of premium wholefoods that lead with flavour. CleanPaleo protein is the ideal protein powder for the human body. CleanPaleo Protein is the purest and most natural protein powder, made from the highest grade quality free-range egg whites. With a higher absorption rate than nearly all other protein powders and a “biological value” of 100, eggs rank as a top protein source.

It has everything your body needs to build and repair muscle, without containing anything bad. CleanPaleo is a premium brand targeted at consumers seeking to maintain a Paleo, Gluten-Free, or simply a healthy lifestyle, and is characterised by products that are free from gluten, grains, dairy, preservatives and additives.

With a range of 600g and 180g packs in four great tasting flavours, Native Vanilla, Light Chocolate, Island Mango and Moccachino.

For more information, please contact Sales Manager Tim Holt at tim@riotfoods.com or call +6421873146.

Harraways, which has been trusted by Kiwis for 150 years now, offers a range of Oat based breakfast cereals; Nicola’s Organics and Premium Muesli Mixes.

They recently launched a first to market in Hot Cereal. Harraways Oat-activ ® Singles in Original and Cranberry. The proposition is that it reduces cholesterol with a ‘double action’ of beta-glucan (naturally occurring in the oats) and added plant sterols.

Consumer trends in this category include a move to smaller packs (buying less, more often), a move to more discerning offers (premiumisation) via health mix fortifications and taste combinations with grains.

Oats are benefiting from the ‘just eat real food’ movement. This means many people are ‘over’ having to forbid certain food groups or count points. Most people just want to eat wholesome foods in balanced quantities. Some relate it to ‘going back to how our grandparents used to cook and simply eating wholesome food’.

For more information visit www.harraways.co.nz or email peter@harraways.co.nz.

New Zealand based creators of raw, live sauerkraut and kimchi, Living Goodness, are rapidly establishing themselves as the go-to range for fermented foods.

Fermentation is an age-old practice for preserving food which has the added benefit of helping health and well-being.  Living Goodness take finely chopped, local raw cabbage and vegetables, carefully selected herbs and spices and create gut-friendly fermented jars of living goodness.  With live ‘good’ bacteria or probiotics these products are great for balancing digestion.

The range has six fabulous flavours from plain Naked Sauerkraut with just cabbage & Himalayan salt to colourful Heartbeat Kraut with beetroot and red & green cabbage to spicy Sum Yum Kimchi, a Korean ferment with a Kiwi twist.

Fermented foods should be eaten as a condiment to your meal, and Living Goodness recommends a couple of tablespoons a day to help keep a balanced and healthy diet. For tasty ideas on how to eat fermented foods check out their website & Instagram.

Try some Living Goodness today – because this Kraut rocks. For more information contact Living Goodness on info@livinggoodness.co.nz or visit www.livinggoodness.co.nz.