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WHAT TO STOCK - NUTREATSThe family-owned company behind NUTREATS has been producing dietary supplements for humans for nearly 30 years, with a focus on ongoing research and new technology. Over the past 18 months, the company has been testing and refining the animal range in specialist pet stores to make sure the packs and content are just right. Nutritious, delicious, 100% natural New Zealand-made protein rewards for dogs and cats, NUTREATS offer a range of health benefits. Simply freeze-dried for maximum taste and minimum nutrient loss, they don’t need to be kept in the fridge and can be handled easily, without residue or smell. As close to nature as possible, and free of any grains, preservatives or additives, it’s no wonder pet owners have been snapping them up wherever they find them.

The range’s lead product is nutrient-rich green-lipped mussels, harvested from the business’s own farms in the Marlborough Sounds. Like the rest of the of high-quality meat and fish protein treats in the line-up, they provide valuable micronutrients for a range of health benefits – from pain relief to organ health and keeping teeth clean and breath fresh.

For more information, contact Ben Winters 021 377 950 / info@nutreats.co.nz or visit nutreats.co.nz.

WHAT TO STOCK - FEED MY FURBABYFeed My Furbaby is pet food with a social conscience. Premium, planet-friendly pet food without the price tag, this award-winning sustainable product is a functional, easy to carry cardboard box that reduces plastic by up to 60%. The box is designed for practical daily use in the home, with a cool cut-out feeding scoop and a kibble window to remind pet parents when they need to buy a new box.

The food is a premium, all-natural, grain free dry dog food (kibble), made in New Zealand from local ingredients including cage-free chicken, wild caught fish and grass-fed beef. Ingredients are chosen, both for thriving animal health and minimising impact on the environment, and everything from product to packaging is made right here in NZ. It’s high in animal proteins, with chicken as the number one ingredient, 28% protein and 14% fat.

For a full list of ingredients and nutritional information visit www.feedmyfurbaby.co.nz

For more information contact ben@feedmyfurbaby.co.nz or 09 914 1316


The Fussy Cat and Natures Goodness ranges are produced by the Real Pet Food Company Ltd, a pet food manufacturer that is passionate about pet health and the bond that owners share with their fur family. Fussy Cat and Natures Goodness offers grain-free, complete and balanced pet foods. Its grain-free products are digested easily, contain meat as the #1 ingredient and are perfect for cats and dogs.

The Fussy Cat and Natures Goodness ranges contain affordable dry food offerings, wet products and treats – all grain-free, all delicious.

For more information visit www.fussycat.co.nz and naturesgoodnesspetfood.co.nz or freephone 0800 PET FOOD

What to Stock - Purina DentalifeA daily dental care routine leads to a healthy mouth, which can help pets live a longer, healthier life. Ideally, this routine includes brushing the teeth every day. When brushing, it’s especially important to focus on their back teeth. However, brushing isn’t the only practical form of cleaning that can help keep pets healthy. We all know that they love to chew on things, so why not let them chew on a tasty treat that will help them stay healthy?

Thanks to the combination of its shape and texture, new Purina Dentalife encourages cats and dogs to chew with the back of their mouth, allowing the hard-to-reach areas to be cleaned. New Purina Dentalife is scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up. Prevention is always better than cure, so Purina Dentalife encourages customers to take the lead and include these steps in pet care routines.

For more information contact our Purina PetCare Advisor on 0800 738 847 or visit our website www.purina.co.nz.

What to Stock - Omega Plus

Shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of pet health and are willing to part more with their well-earned dollars to ensure they are receiving what they perceive as the best value. Omega Plus uses only quality ingredients with a focus on sustainably sourced New Zealand King salmon as the number one ingredient – a unique and natural source of marine-based Omega 3. Scientific studies show a diet that contains the ideal ratio of both essential marine-based Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids can have beneficial effects on pet health which can support healthy skin and coat, joint mobility and cardiovascular functions.

Omega Plus is proudly made in New Zealand. A premium multi-segmented range staying in touch with consumer demand, growing category & margin potential.

For trade enquiries, please contact your Alliance Marketing representative on 09 263 9466  or Omega Plus, National Sales Manager Tina Thomas on 022 5485702