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When Little Island launched its coconut milks into chillers back in 2016, few were talking about the plant-based wave of products to come. After already enjoying great success with their range of coconut ice cream, founding duo Tommy and James saw the oncoming need for a family friendly, dairy free option that actually tasted great. Two years on and Little Island is the category leader, offering both an Original variant for consumers and a Barista Grade variant which recently become the sole coconut milk supplied to Starbucks nationwide.

Globally, non-dairy milk consumption is growing by double digits and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Available in 1L Original, Chocolate and Barista Grade for Hospitality.

Nationwide merchandising and sales support is available along with strong in-store promotional programmes.

For sales enquirers contact Little Island Coconut Creamery on Tracey@littleislandcreamery.com.

The Hunter Gatherer Gourmet brand is a range of premium wholefood baking mixes. Launched in 2015 it is still the only mix on the market that is free from gluten, grains, dairy, preservatives and additives.

Hunter Gatherer Gourmet is a brand favoured by mothers and anyone who is looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Perfect for those who are paleo or vegan, have allergies, or if they just want baking that tastes good and helps them feel good

Not only can the baking mixes be made into four simple treats, recipes for cakes, cookies muffins and slices are also on the back of the box, as well as new recipes regularly posted on the Hunter Gatherer Gourmet recipe webpage. The range has also expanded to a pancake and crepe mix and a very popular kiwi classic Ginger Crunch Slice Mix.

The brand has struck a chord with informed, discerning health-conscious consumers who influence the food purchased in the household and has become a trusted household brand.

For more information visit www.huntergathergourmet.co.nz.

Matakana SuperFoods’ top-selling Supergreens powder, is a carefully formulated blend of some of the most nutritionally dense greens in the world.

Containing organic kale, wakame, wheat leaf, barley leaf, spirulina, chlorella, and broccoli sprout powders, the combination of these supergreens makes for a nourishing daily drink for the whole family.

Matakana SuperFoods’ Supergreens contain an abundance of crucial vitamins, minerals and many other beneficial plant compounds to support general wellbeing and an active lifestyle.

This 100% natural, wholefood blend, is available in a 200g pouch (making 100 green drinks) and is a convenient and easy way to give your daily diet a superfood boost.

For more information contact Sharon at info@matakanasuperfoods.com, call 09 422 9618 or visit us at www.matakanasuperfoods.com.

Wake up with Something to Crow About. A family-owned and operated business handcrafted in small batches, the range of wholesome breakfast blends includes Australasia’s first Probiotic Muesli. With two delicious flavours to support gut health, the range of 5 Muesli flavours includes gluten-free blends, paleo (grain free) cereals and traditional homestyle mueslis. We use simple, natural ingredients, with no fillers and avoid preservatives and refined sugar.

For more information visit www.crowabout.co.nz.

Enquiries to ISM people (North Island) or Chris Stenton - Core Sales (South Island)

New Zealand based creators of raw, live sauerkraut and kimchi, Living Goodness, are rapidly establishing themselves as the go-to range for fermented foods.

Fermentation is an age-old practice for preserving food which has the added benefit of helping health and well-being.  Living Goodness take finely chopped, local raw cabbage and vegetables carefully selected herbs & spices and create gut-friendly fermented jars of living goodness.  With live ‘good’ bacteria or probiotics these products are great for balancing our digestion.

The range has six fabulous flavours from plain Naked Sauerkraut with just cabbage & Himalayan salt to colourful Heartbeat Kraut with beetroot, red & green cabbage to spicy Sum Yum Kimchi a Korean ferment with a Kiwi twist.

Fermented foods should be eaten as a condiment to your meal and Living Goodness recommend a couple of tablespoons a day to help keep a balanced and healthy diet. For tasty ideas on how to eat fermented foods check out their website & Instagram.

Try some Living Goodness today – because this Kraut rocks. For more information contact Living Goodness on info@livinggoodness.co.nz or visit www.livinggoodness.co.nz.