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Rustichella and Rusticone brands have been selling in NZ supermarkets for the last seven years, so many consumers have been introduced to the amazing world of Authentic Italian Mozzarella by Rustichella and Rusticone brands over that time.

With its distinctive colours, green for cow's milk and red for buffalo's milk has set a benchmark in the NZ market.

The range has five weeks shelf life, contributing to the Category performance and what is more important, consumers can experience the consistency in the quality, enjoying the perfect texture and balanced flavour at its best across its entire shelf life.

The company is launching the new format Rustichella Cow Mozzarella 125g in October, the same food experience in a smaller format, perfect for those consumers that are after a smaller portion but still want to enjoy the experience of eating an authentic Italian Mozzarella.

For more information please contact Edgar Soro at specialist food importers Prodotti d’Italia on edgar@pdi.co.nz  or 021 246 9352.

Waimata Cheese was established in 1995 by Rick and Carol Thorpe, and remains a family owned and operated cheese company, one that is involved in every aspect of the process. Waimata Cheese is now multigenerational with two generations working side by side to ensure the company continues to produce award-winning, delicious cheeses for another 20 years and beyond. The family grows the grass, milks the cows, makes and distributes the cheese, and their commitment to quality control at every level of production reflects the passion Waimata Cheese has for the fine art of cheese making.

Waimata Cheese is the third largest cheese producer in New Zealand and offers an excellent selection of cheeses for the most discerning cheese lover amongst us. Included in their offerings are creamy white moulded cheeses, brined and blocked fetas, heart-shaped cheeses, a subtle blue brie and the insanely addictive traditional, chilli and cracked pepper haloumi cheeses. Waimata Cheese has a range of handcrafted cheeses that impress every time, though it is the Waimata Cheese Blue Vein, which is the star, time and time again.

The Waimata Cheese blue range is made from cow’s milk supplied fresh from the family’s dairy farm in Gisborne, and the company has been making a traditional French styled blue vein for over twenty years. The blues’ sweet composty aroma is enhanced by the orange rind, which develops in the cheese cellar. This rind contrasts deliciously with the peppery blue mould and the delicate saltiness within. The Waimata Cheese Creamy and Buttery Blues are more recent additions to the company’s range and are inspired by the Danish style of blue vein, with its sharp, piquant and slightly salty taste and crumbly texture.

For more information contact Kelly Thorpe on 06 867 3673 or sales@waimatacheese.co.nz. 

Amanda and Lindsey Goodman’s fledgeling business The Drunken Nanny was born in the spring of 2015 with a small flock of 25 milking does, a passion for these engaging and mischievous animals and a good deal of enthusiasm and hard work. Based on the Goodman’s family sheep and beef farm just south of the picturesque Martinborough wine village in rural Wairarapa, The Drunken Nanny’s individually named flock of does produce the freshest of goats’ milk, which is milked on-site and processed in the purpose-built cheese room adjacent to the milking stand. This ability to monitor the goats’ grazing, and avoid the logistics of transporting the milk to the cheese room ensures only the freshest milk goes into their luscious range of fresh cheeses, starting with their hugely popular Fresh Lush and Dill Lush soft cheeses. This freshness ensures the cheeses have a light, mild and creamy flavour with just a hint of acidity.

In only its second year of business The Drunken Nanny has been awarded three silver and one bronze medal for their Fresh Lush, Dill Lush, Black Tie and Savvy Washed Rind cheeses at the 2017 NZ Champions of Cheese awards. They received two finalist awards in the inaugural NZ Outstanding Producer awards for their Dill Lush and Black Tie cheeses.

These cheeses have an established following through local retailers and restaurants and are ideal served with as part of a cheese and fruit platter or cooked in a soufflé, sauce or tart, or in pizzas, bread and baking. Amanda and Lindsey also produce limited releases of feta, savvy-washed rind, camembert and farmhouse cheese when milk supply and conditions allow, however they plan to focus on their core “Lush” range and releasing these cheeses to stores nationwide. Currently available through local retailers in Wairarapa, and in the North Island through Moore Wilsons and Farro Fresh, The Drunken Nanny is now poised to expand their distribution throughout the country.

For more information contact Amanda Goodman on 021 141 3352 or amanda@thedrunkennanny.co.nz

Burrata is a decadent and heavenly cheese. The cheese has a mozzarella skin in a money pouch style, filled with shreds of stretched curd combined with luscious and fresh cream. Eat on its own with olive oil, with fresh bread with a side of prosciutto and tomatoes. With summer around the corner it’s perfect for sharing platters and a “must have” in any supermarket chiller to maximise sales.

For more information contact Anton Marchenko on 022 307 6587 or anton@massimos.co.nz

The YOLO range of specialty European cheeses – launched by Food International three years ago – continues to go from strength to strength with ongoing global research and the addition of new lines.

With a huge variety of different cheeses from Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom now on offer, the distinctive YOLO logo is now well recognised throughout New Zealand. The launch into the South Island was recently completed and very well received.

Following demand, Food International is increasing their assortment of sliced and cheese portions to increase sales at the chilled deli cabinet.

The company is also increasing sales in the serve over deli section by supplying a wide range of cheese wheels and blocks. This meets customers demands for more flexibility in their cheese purchasing to suit their particular with cheeses that are not usually readily available in packages.

According to Food International CEO, Adel Yousef, this is a “very European way” for customers to select and buy their cheeses. And this style is gaining popularity throughout the world.

It also allows the cheeses to mature before being served freshly cut – making it more flavoursome and attractive to present on a cheese platter.

Watch this space for more exciting YOLO news in November! For more information email marketing@foodinternational.co.nz or phone 09 276 0826