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Nut Brothers roast and mill, small-batch nut butters right here in New Zealand. They’re serious about natural products, innovative ideas, great taste and premium quality.

Their peanut and almond butters offer Kiwis a nourishing, natural alternative to imported mass-produced brands which contain added emulsifiers and fill a gap in the market for consumers who want great tasting, affordable products with innovative blends.

The current range consists of Peanut Butter Crunchy, Peanut Butter Smooth, Almond Butter with Sunflower Seed & Chia Fibre, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate.

Adding to the mix, Nut Brothers have just launched Peanut Butter & Smokin’ Chipotle - a peanut butter with a mature, smoky vibe and a touch of heat. Great as a spread or condiment and perfect for creative cooking at home.

Also new is Almond Butter & Sticky Dates - with the natural sweetness and subtle fruit flavour of dates this almond butter is a delicious treat. Perfect on toast, stirred into yoghurt or added to muesli, porridge and smoothies.

To get Nut Brothers on your shelves email info@nutbrothers.co.nz. 

Consumers can wake up to a beautiful morning with Nutella, and discover delightful ways to spread a smile!

Nutella is the world's much-loved hazelnut spread with cocoa, made with quality, sustainable ingredients, using its original recipe developed in Italy more than 50 years ago. A mix of hazelnuts & cocoa, Nutella's unique taste & creamy texture is loved by many.

Its unbeatable taste makes it the perfect companion for toast, crumpets, pancakes and fresh fruit, giving consumers plenty of new ways to make mornings delicious. It adds a touch of delight to help start the day in the best way. Try Nutella on bagels with berries, spread it on bread with banana or drizzle it over waffles or oats.

For more information contact DKSH Services customer care on 0800 222 196.

Pic's Peanut Butter is produced by master peanut butter makers based in sunny Nelson. The team freshly roast 100% Australian hi-oleic peanuts, squish them adding a pinch of salt to the salted varieties to create an all-natural, full flavoured, simply delicious really good food.

Started by peanut butter loving Pic Picot, after he discovered sugar in his beloved spread, "Pic's Star Jars" have become a staple in pantries and restaurants across New Zealand and is now shipped to 13 countries across the globe.

Pic's revolutionised the peanut butter category in New Zealand, quickly became NZ's market leader with a 40% market share by value (IRI Data MAT to 10 Sept 17). Creating the premium segment in the peanut butter spreads category, Pic's set the trend for quality branded products that have allowed others to follow. Its Peanut Butter Slugs have transformed peanut butter from a spread to a healthy, nothing-added, snack on the go, used by athletes, hikers, bikers and lunchers.

For more information visit www.picspeanutbutter.com or email peanuts@peanutbutter.com

Made in Denmark originally from 1901 under the Lurmak Band, it wasn’t until 1957 that it became the Lurpak® that we know and love today.  The Lurpak Butter and Spreadable range is ideal for cooking, baking, as a spread and just about anything you want to make in the kitchen anytime throughout the seasons.

Lurpak combines traditional methods with state of the art technology to create a tasteful yellow range: Spreadable Slightly Salted, Lighter Spreadable Slightly Salted and Slightly Salted Butter.  Lurpak achieves constant growth in Dollars and Units in the Yellow Category by consistently delivering a top quality product to the consumer.

Lurpak recently introduced the first Organic Spreadable available in supermarkets across New Zealand. Lurpak Organic Spreadable is made from the finest and pure organic cream from Danish Cows, who graze on organic farms, which avoid using unnecessary ‘artificial’ pesticides or fertilizers. Lurpak organic spreadable does not contain any genetically modified organisms and it is suitable for Vegetarians.

This blend of pure Lurpak Organic butter and Organic vegetable oil delivers a natural full flavour and a light yellow colour, perfect to spread straight from the fridge across your favourite food.


For more information contact our Customer Service Team at NZCustService@hutchinsons.co.nz or phone:  0800 555 258.


A passion and love for fine food led owner Mary Brons to develop an artisan range of gourmet chutneys, relishes, pickles and jam, which she branded NoShortcuts – because there are no shortcuts taken in the way she prepares and cooks them.

The cooking and preservation process may be time-consuming, but this labour of love achieves great taste, beautiful aroma and naturally striking colours.

The raw materials are sourced locally, handpicked from suppliers who are able to provide the quality and freshness of fruit demanded and cooked the old-fashioned way in small batches, without adding any artificial colours or concentrates.

Mary has rapidly grown her business from startup in her home kitchen to a commercial base in Albany, expanding the total number of products on offer to 8, with more on the horizon. She has also recently introduced the economy and convenience of 1 kg and 2 kg Catering Packs for the foodservice industry.

NoShortcuts has been presented with numerous Farmers Market Awards and was selected as a finalist in not just one but two, categories of the 2017 NZ Food Awards

The NoShortcuts range consists of Beetroot Relish, Gherkin Relish, Mustard Pickle, Sambal Ulek, Tamarillo Chutney, Old Plum Chutney, Thai Tomato, Feijoa & Ginger Jam. They are all lovingly handmade, completely NZ natural and packaged in glass jars to provide long shelf life without preservatives. NoShortcuts can be used as a garnish, topping, side dressing or blended into your own cooking as a flavour enhancer. Available in all good stores

For more information contact Mary Brons on 027 285 11 11 or email mary@noshortcuts.co.nz.