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Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm, a NATRUE certified natural sunscreen for lips and skin, provides the ultimate in protection, delivering a high performance sunscreen for outdoor adventures.

The range features a number of variants for face and body, and Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm’s Lip Balm is the first New Zealand made NATRUE certified SPF lip balm.  All formats offer 50SPF with two hours water resistance or SPF40 with four hours water resistance.

Kerikeri based natural products company founder Becky Cashman created the sunscreen to have high performance protection and be a balm to lips and skin. Certified organic cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut, jojoba, olive, tamanu and peppermint oils are combined with zinc oxide minerals to create a high quality, smooth blend, rich in vitamins A, C and E which protects and soothes skin. This is a product which smells beautiful and you are going to WANT to put on your skin!

Unlike other sun screens, Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm does not contain water, meaning it will not slide off skin, spread on too thin, or creep into eyes. Water-free also means every ingredient is working to give moisturising, skin barrier and antioxidant support.

Goodbye is the first grocery brand in New Zealand to receive the internationally recognised NATRUE certification, managed by BioGro NZ, verifying natural and organic cosmetic products.

Visit www.goodbye.co.nz for more info.

New Zealand has high UV levels, and one of the highest melanoma rates in the world. Nivea’s Sun UV Face range offers broad spectrum SPF protection without that sticky sunscreen feeling. The range includes two face protectors – the Nivea Sun UV Face Shine Control and the Nivea Sun UV Face BB Cream with SPF 50. The line is the perfect everyday solution to protect consumers from the harsh sun this summer.

Head to the Nivea website for more information: www.nivea.co.nz.

Banana Boat believes that you and your family should never stop playing in the sun—that’s why they design their products realistically. They know you are going to be swimming and running around after applying their sunblock. Each of their products is tested to stay on in the sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and extreme heat.

Banana Boat offers an extensive range of specially designed sunblocks. They have something for every age, and every level of protection—from their SPF50+ Kids sunblock, to their SPF30 Sports sunblock, designed to be sweat and water resistant. Banana Boat has recently released a new “Simply Protect”Sports sunblock. This sunblock is designed for the active—on top of being sweat and water resistant the sunscreen offers a broad range of protection with 25 percent fewer ingredients. Banana Boat is essential in sun protection during sports.

On top of their sunblock range, Banana Boat has a tanning oil as well as after sun protection, for all your sunblock related needs.

For more information visit www.bananaboat.co.nz.


Cancer Society’s After Sun Gel provides a cooling, calming, and rehydrating relief for sun-touched skin. The gel ensures that the nutrition and moisture lost from a consumers skin is quickly replenished and tenderness is comforted. Cancer Society’s After Sun Gel does not leave a greasy feeling on your skin, and instead minimises the damage done from exposure.

For information visit the Cancer Society website at www.cancernz.org.nz.

Nivea provides an extensive range of sunblock products for every situation. Many of Nivea’s products provide both excellent sun protection, but also nourish and refresh your skin. Nivea guarantees UVA and UVB protection against ageing and sunburn, protection from skin dehydration with vitamin E and four hours of water resistance when applied correctly.

Nivea’s broad range of sunblocks ranges from beach specific SPF50+ to a protect and light feel everyday SPF30. The Nivea products come in a variety of containers, as well. The handy spray bottle means it can be evenly applied to those harder to reach places.   

Nivea offer after sun care, too. Their cooling moisturising lotion helps to quickly restore the skin’s lost moisture and ensures a long-lasting, natural tan.

Head to the Nivea website for more information: www.nivea.co.nz.