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RJs licorice

RJ’s was established in 1995 by Roger Halliwell. Roger ran this business with his son Regan for 20 years, before selling the business to Tony Quinn. During this time RJ’s have been manufacturing world-leading licorice products out of their plant in Levin. RJ's licorice will leave consumers wanting more from their amazing allsorts and licorice treats. RJ's Licorice is serious about licorice, and that’s why they are the world's finest licorice maker. Their latest confectionery creation contains licorice strawberry centre, coated in creamy chocolate and covered in a candy-coated shell. 

For more information visit www.rjslicorice.co.nz or phone 06 366 0270.

Chocolate traders


Chocolate Traders produces a range of gourmet chocolate bars.  Their artisan chocolate bars are made by hand from scratch using fresh, natural ingredients.  They use the world’s finest chocolate - Callebaut's Finest Belgian Chocolate, made from the best sustainable cocoa beans of West Africa, combined with the freshest locally sourced ingredients including dried apricots from Central Otago, Espresso from Vivace, Blueberries from Mamaku and Hazelnuts from Canterbury.

Chocolate Traders boasts 18 mouth-watering flavours across its 45g bar range.  With their bright designs and a handy size, their customers love them.

Dark Chocolate: Raspberry, Orange, Hazelnut, Lemon, Ghana 70%, Peppermint, Cherry Coconut

Milk Chocolate: Orange & Mandarin, Coconut Rough, Hokey Pokey, Feijoa, Grapefruit, Lime, Manuka Honey

White Chocolate: Flat White Espresso, Raspberry, Caramel, Passionfruit

Chocolate Traders is a family owned and operated chocolate manufacturer based in Lincoln Canterbury.

For more information on Chocolate Traders visit www.chocolatetraders.co.nz or email irene@chocolatetraders.co.nz


Slices of the Classic “Kiwi As” Denheath Custard Squares. The Original Treat that started it all. Available now in three and five packs, all you have to do is thaw and serve. Uniquely different, their fluffy high-rise melt-in-your-mouth rich, creamy vanilla custard filled squares are complemented with flaky golden pastry and Denheath’s signature delicious icing, topped with curly-white shredded coconut.

For more information visit www.denheath.co.nz or freephone 0800 336 432.

The Kiwiland confectionery range is a collection of retail packs of utterly delicious confectionery products, including their ever popular and well-loved – Choc Hokey Pokey. Other products include a selection of delectable choc clusters and a range of classic individually wrapped boiled sweets.

Kiwiland products offer exceptional value for money, extremely attractive price points, and most important of all - Incredible Taste.

And don’t forget – the entire Kiwiland range is completely Gluten Free.

The 130g Kiwiland range includes a selection of delicious treats – from the ever popular Choc Hokey Pokey cubes to the Hokey Pokey Clusters, Coconut Roughs and Dark Choc Peppermint Bites and their range of wrapped boiled sweets - Orchard Fruits, Butterscotch, Barley Sugars, & Arctic Mints. With the addition of their comforting Honey Menthol Cough Lozenge.

Kiwiland Confectionery is skillfully crafted by the FoodFlo International Ltd team, in Pahiatua, and represented by College Hill Agencies, to order or for more information, please contact your College Hill Agencies Territory Manager on 09 360 6160 or at info@cha.co.nz

Consumers are smart – they know what a good cake should taste like.

Other packaged cake mixes and icing products have too many artificial ingredients that have been developed by chemists and food technologists, and that means that the cake might look ok but it certainly doesn’t taste like it should. Granny Delicious products have all natural ingredients and absolutely no additives, and that’s why they taste just like Granny used to make. Granny Delicious makes baking easier so that home-baked treats don’t become a thing of the past. Their 11 incredible products are already winning favour with young and old bakers alike.

For more information head to www.grannydelicious.com, call Granny on 0800GRANNY or Foodstuffs stores can order now via DEX.

FS Granny Delicious Vendor Numbers 2010533 103111
Chocolate Mousse Mix 5201685 3592533 9418586500523
White Chocolate Mousse Mix 5203567 4079364 9418586500530
Chocolate Cake Mix 5203566 4079374 9418586500509
White Chocolate Cake Mix 5203461 4023379 9418586500516
Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding Mix use GTN 4218975 9421904873001
White Chocolate Icing Mix Raspberry 1147859 3914274 9418586500387
White Chocolate Icing Mix Banana 5202943 3914283 9418586500394
Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix Vanilla 1147867 3201889 9418586500158
Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix Strawberry 1147863 3201888 9418586500165
Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix Peppermint 1147853 3201900 9418586500189
Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix Orange 1147848 3283534 9418586500172