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As natural alkaline water sales soar across the globe, E’stel positions itself perfectly in the marketplace.

With exceptional clean tasting Natural Alkaline water sourced from deep pristine aquifers at the top of the South Island, E’stel artesian water promotes health and wellbeing and maximises hydration.

The eye catching, sustainable 100% recycled (RPET) bottles and the 10 litre eco-boxed water offer great tasting water at home, the office and on the go.  It’s is no wonder E’stel is the preferred choice for health and environmentally conscious water connoisseurs. E’stel equates to great taste, quality and design.

For more information visit www.estel.nz

Water remembers. It remembers everything. Deep inside its molecular structure, the memory of all it has touched remains imprinted. Most water in our modern world, sadly, now carries the imprint of pollution.

OnePure water changes everything. This unique artesian water is sourced from a remote forest location in New Zealand, a world away from urban pollution and human habitation. This water remains untouched by human activity, proven by its remarkable mineral composition and freedom from contaminants. It is simply filtered and bottled directly at the source, and is not exposed to the air until the moment it reaches you.

This water is OnePure.

For more information contact Grant Verry on  grant.verry@onepure.co.nz or visit www.onepure.co.nz/

CH'I Source Water flows from an artesian well in the Ararimu Valley near Auckland. After a journey lasting decades and passing slowly through deep bedrock, the water rises over 200 metres with dissolved alkaline minerals, and boasts a unique pH of 9.7 as measured by an independent lab. Alkaline High pH water has become a growth phenomenon around the world in the last few years. The time is right to rebuild thevalue and margin in the New Zealand water category. CH'I Source Water is now available in a 750ml bottle. Increase your sales in the premium hydration category and make sure this is on your shelves.

For more information visit www.chidrinks.com.

Artisanal organic juice brand, Almighty, has launched a range of sparkling waters set to shake up the carbonated drinks category and further cement its commitment to providing healthy, organic beverages to all New Zealanders. Almighty Water is a range of charcoal filtered sparkling waters that contain zero sugar, have natural flavours derived from real fruit and contain very low calories.

As part of its commitment to a healthy future, 10% of profits go towards edible education - teaching kids to grow and cook delicious fresh food they actually want to eat. Three initial flavours, Charcoal Filtered Sparkling Water, Lemon Sparkling Water and Peach Ginger Sparkling Water are available as single cans and 6 pack format.

For more information visit drinkalmighty.com or contact Ben Lenart at ben@drinkalmighty.com or on 021587894.

Pure Dew ultra-distilled water is a New Zealand owned and operated family business with a distillery and warehouse facility in Auckland.

Its water is ultra-distilled, making it quite different to other market offerings It is 100 times more pure than spring or mineral water. The latest water cleansing technologies ensures that Pure Dew ultra-distilled water is of the highest purity, is PH-neutral, sterilised, sodium free, oxygen enhanced, and free from fluoride.

Ultra-distilled water effectively cleanses and flushes waste and toxins from the body while acting like a clean sponge, absorbing impurities.

The Pure Dew Ultra-Distilled 10-litre Bottled Water not only tastes great, it’s also perfect for emergency kits, taking on camping trips, or keeping in the car. Its specially designed bottle means that there is no need to lift to pour, just tilted. The size also means that the bottles can be reused as a storage container or recycled. Pure Dew Ultra-Distilled water 10-litre bottles are available now through Countdown supermarkets nationwide and in Pak’nSave and New World stores throughout the North Island.

Pure Dew maintains an ongoing commitment is to provide Kiwis with chemical free water that tastes amazing, just as mother nature intended.

The water is available in 10L, 6L,3L, and 1L sizes.

Stock your shelves with the purest quality, ultra-distilled water today.

For more information and to order, contact 09 2748983.