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There’s more to CH’I sparkling mineral waters than the original green label Chinese Herb Blend. CH’I Sparkling Ginseng & Ginger is a unique herbal spin on the ever-popular ginger flavours. The sugar levels are 40 percent lower than other soft drinks making them perfect for today’s consumers looking for lower sugar options. The ginseng and ginger herbal extracts are from real roots and handcrafted in New Zealand by the local team at CH’I Drinks. For take home sales – 1.0l x 15, and 400ml x 12 for the drinks chiller.

For more information contact Ray at info@chidrinks.com or visit www.chidrinks.com.

There’s a new plant-based drink in town - have you tried maple water? Packed full of electrolytes and low in calories, the subtly sweet sap from the maple tree is quickly becoming the must-have health drink for people on the go.

Not to be confused with maple syrup, maple water is the clear and nutrient-rich sap, which is sustainably harvested each spring by tapping into the maple tree. Like coconut water, maple water is a great natural hydrator but is lower in calories and has a fresher, cleaner taste with a hint of maple sweetness.

NECTA Maple Water is USDA certified organic and available in three delicious flavours; Cranberry & Blueberry, Pure Maple Water and Lemon Tea.

For more information contact Matakana SuperFoods at www.matakanasuperfoods.com.


With no sugar or artificial sweeteners, OSOM’s new range of Ayurvedic spiced New Zealand Spring Water is the holistic answer for hydrating the mind, body and soul. Their range of water includes Detox, Restore and Calming. Loaded with Fairtrade spices that detoxify, calm and restore, OSOM supports a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. OSOM's water can be drunk chilled, warm or with some added chia seeds. There range includes:

Detox: which contains a cleansing mix of ginger, turmeric, holy basil/tulsi and pepper to help support the purifying and detoxing of the body.

Restore: the refreshing combination of fennel, cumin, ginger, holy basil/ tulsi and turmeric helps support the replenishment of the body after a hard day or a hard work out.

Calming: blends fennel and clove with the soothing and refreshing properties of rose to calm your mind, body and soul.

For more information call Ashon Ventures Ltd at 09 274 3030 or visit www.osom.co.nz.

Bottled water has experienced robust growth in recent years. Positive performance is a reflection of a change in consumer behaviour. Increasing health awareness has led to a shift from carbonated soft-drinks to sparkling water.

With new customers entering this category Santa Vittoria mineral water has utilised its foodservice credentials as a means of customer acquisition.  Bottled at the source in northern Italy, Santa Vittoria is widely regarded as the choice of award-winning restaurants, hotels and café icons. The brand’s prominence in hospitality is a key pillar of its continued dominance within retail.

Santa Vittoria’s customer’s acquisition strategy does not simply rely on the brand’s credentials alone.  Each year the brand creates unique consumer promotions to incentivise purchase and maximise visibility in store. This year Santa Vittoria has partnered with Italian car makers Fiat, affording consumers the opportunity to win a Fiat 500c, or 1 of 25 limited edition beach packs. Running until the end of April consumers simply need to purchase any Santa Vittoria product, and fill in the online entry form at santavittoria.coml.au/win to go into the draw to win.

For more information head to www.vittoriafandb.com or call 09 984 5675.

Homegrown believe in striving to produce the best tasting and healthiest juices and smoothies in the world for New Zealanders. Water+ RAW Lemon is the newest addition to its range. Pure artesian water from deep beneath the Hawkes Bay is combined with a dash of lemon juice and a slice to provide a refreshingly healthy thirst quencher.

As with all products in the Homegrown range, Water+RAW lemon is never heated and has no additives or preservatives other than water and lemon. Instead, use pressure to provide a shelf life allowing us to distribute throughout the whole of New Zealand via its franchised network of chilled distributors.

The technology is relatively new to New Zealand, and Homegrown is the only company using it on such a large scale. Using pressure instead of heat or preservatives allows the vitamins and nutrients to essentially stay intact providing a healthier, fresher tasting product.

For more information visit www.homegrownjuice.co.nz.