Whittaker’s Surprises With Its New Coconut Ice Chocolate

With twenty cents from every block sold going to Plunket, Whittaker’s new coconut ice isn’t just a fun surprise for Kiwis but a unique treat that goes towards a good cause. Whittaker’s new Coconut Ice­­ Surprise is a delicious twist on a Kiwi classic and a fun experience for chocolate lovers, with one of two coconut ice colours revealed only when a block is opened.

Holly Whittaker, Whittaker’s marketing manager, said, “As a proud New Zealand company, Whittaker’s are delighted to be partnering with such an iconic kiwi charity, which has supported generations of parents for over 100 years, with this special limited-edition chocolate.”

The funds raised will go towards Plunket’s ‘Raise a Bundle’ campaign which aims to raise funding to enable Plunket to continue its work in the community, providing that all-important care in the first 1,000 days, with Plunket nurses visiting the homes of 90 percent of all children born in New Zealand.

Whittaker’s Coconut Ice Surprise 250g Block comes in two different colours, pink and blue, both of which are exactly the same flavour, consisting of a combination of Whittaker’s creamy White Chocolate mixed with premium desiccated coconut, to create a chocolatey adaption of the beloved sweet treat. Consumers will be surprised as to which colour they get as the pink, and blue blocks are only revealed once the wrappers are opened.

“We are always innovating for our loyal Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers, and this creation is especially exciting for us because it’s the first time we’ve done something with this element of surprise contained in every block, and it may be a first in New Zealand. We hope people will enjoy it as much as the creamy coconut taste and sense of nostalgia they’ll get when they eat the chocolate,” added Holly.

As part of the launch, several families got into the light-hearted spirit of the Whittaker’s Coconut Ice Surprise partnership with Plunket by agreeing to discover the gender of their expected baby through opening pre-selected blocks of the pink and blue chocolate to confirm whether they would be welcoming a girl or boy, respectively. These moments have been captured on camera and can be viewed on Whittaker’s social media.

Plunket Chief Executive, Amanda Malu, said “We’re delighted to have Whittaker’s – an iconic Kiwi brand like Plunket – come on board as a sponsorship partner for our ‘Raise a Bundle’ campaign. We love the special chocolate they’ve created for this partnership.”