The latest taste explosion to come out of Allan Scott Family Winemakers, Gooseberry Bomb, is a shining example of how the winery has again broken the traditional winemaking mould, the ‘craft wine’ in a can is also a first for the NZ market. Using world famous Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes fermented with secret beer yeast, combined with Nelson Sauvin hops that are then filtered, kegged and canned has seen the launch of Green Hopped Gooseberry Bomb Craft Wine.

A steeped fermentation to bring out the fruity characters from the grapes and hops is followed by four weeks of conditioning before the wine is filtered and kegged or canned.

The team have taken traditional winemaking thinking and used some brewery techniques to create an entirely new product that challenges the norm and takes the ‘craft’ movement a step further.