World’s Best Now Available At Home

Lewis Road Creamery 10 Star Export Butter

Lewis Road Creamery considers their butter the world’s best, and it’s now available at home.

In 2020, the butter became the first, and remains the only, New Zealand dairy product to be stocked US-wide by Whole Foods, at a retail price of over NZD$10.

The premium Lewis Road 10 Star Export Butter is made from ethically-produced dairy off parent company Southern Pastures’ own farms. The farms meet stringent and independently audited 10 Star Certified Values which cover grass-fed, free-range, animal welfare, human welfare, PKE and GMO free, environmental sustainability, and climate change mitigation criteria. Southern Pastures’ cows are fed a 99% grass and forage-based diet which is GMO and PKE-free, a decision the company has taken to preserve global biodiversity, to reduce its carbon footprint, and also to provide the healthiest dairy possible.

In New Zealand, the traditionally churned grass-fed butter will be sold at a price that reflects the butter’s local provenance and the reduced transport costs of selling it here at home. At least 34c of every pat of butter is directly related to environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation costs incurred on far, which are just 2 of the 10 stars in the 10 Star Certified Values program.

The Lewis Road Creamery 10 Star Export Butter (227g) is available now at RRP$7.49.