New Zealander’s are some of the biggest eaters of ice cream in the world. This love of ice cream and the increased awareness of consumer health has given rise to an influx of new ice cream alternatives that appeal to veganism and calorie-conscious consumption.

From Magnum’s dairy free options and Ben & Jerry’s continual roll out of delicious new non-dairy and light ice cream flavours to Cornetto’s Vegan Vanilla and Blue Ribbon’s 308-372 calorie pints, consumers are now welcoming ice cream alternatives.

Amanda Sorrenson, National Coordinator for the Vegan Society New Zealand, explains that consumers are constantly on the lookout for exciting and delicious options that fit with their lifestyle choices and preferences and that the new releases are a significant step forward that has a huge impact on ensuring availability and influencing the market.

“We applaud the popular big-name brands who are getting behind the creation of these alternative frozen treats, and who are bringing out a more extensive and interesting range of flavours and concepts in the vegan sector. It means all Kiwis can indulge and be offered options, ones that are better for health and the environment.”

As consumers only continue to become more health conscious, the number of alternative options in the frozen aisle will only to continue to grow.