Get Lost in a Berry Forest

The new Whittaker’s Berry Forest is something special for those who love chocolate with berry flavours and texture, especially with the generous quantities of delicious inclusions Whittaker’s uses.

Encased in Whittaker’s 33% Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, the hero ingredients of Whittaker’s Berry Forest are a predominantly cherry-favoured jube – with a hint of boysenberry – and dark cocoa biscuit pieces, which give a bit of crunch alongside the silky smoothness of the chocolate and the chewiness of the jube.

Whittaker’s co-Chief Operating Officer, Holly Whittaker, said because the flavour is inspired by the decadence of Black Forest Gâteau, Whittaker’s has focused on ensuring the jube really delivers a flavour punch.

“The jubes in Whittaker’s Berry Forest are made with real cherry and boysenberry fruit concentrate, and you can really taste these delicious fruit flavours, especially the dominant cherry flavour that is the hallmark of our flavour inspiration,” says Holly.

Available in generous 250g Blocks and Mini Slabs, Whittaker’s Berry Forest will be part of Whittaker’s permanent range, alongside its existing Whittaker’s Berry Biscuit which offers a distinctively different taste experience with tangy mixed berry pieces as the hero ingredient.

Whittaker’s Berry Forest will be showcased in a series of TVCs to air from Sunday 20 September, featuring high profile Whittaker’s Chocolate Lover, Nigella Lawson.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Nigella again, after a long hiatus caused by changes in our plans and logistical issues from Covid-19 restrictions for most of the year to date. As it is, we’ve had to adapt and work remotely with Nigella to produce the creative, which has gone as smoothly as possible thanks to her professionalism and genuine passion for Whittaker’s Chocolate,” said Whittaker.

Like all of its products, Whittaker’s Berry Forest is made right here in New Zealand at Whittaker’s one factory in Porirua. It will be available on supermarket shelves and in other retail outlets nationwide from Monday 21 September.