Tatua Dairy Company’s New Zealand made speciality creams have always tasted delicious, and they now have a brand-new modern look in the form of convenient pouch packaging. Susanne Rolfe, Tatua GM marketing and sales, said that in response to high demand, all Tatua speciality cream pouches are also now resealable.

“Because they’re made from a thin film, our pouches let you squeeze out every last drop and fold the pouch flat for minimal waste—less than three percent, to be exact. The controlled opening slot and air-filled handle also means the pouch is easy to grip, hold and use—making cooking a breeze,” added Rolfe.

The new-look packaging consists of 35 percent chalk, which acts as a filler. This means that the dairy company’s lightweight packaging now comprises of less plastic while still providing incredible strength and durability.

Compared to conventional packaging concepts, Tatua’s premium cream pouch range also offers lower environmental impacts in terms of energy consumption, waste generation and emissions to air and water. “The new packaging is recyclable, but inside you’ll still find the same amazing taste Kiwis know and love.”

Tatua are the champions of creamy convenience in a can, and their aerosol range is also getting a  makeover—Dairy Whip (a Kiwi family favourite) features a modern new can design, while the Chocolate Mousse (a decadent dessert with no preparation required) has also revamped its look to fit in with the rest of the Tatua product family.

“Our packaging artwork has been refreshed with delicious new photography, which we hope will inspire Kiwis to get creative in the kitchen,” Rolfe explains. “Using Tatua Mascarpone instead of cream, for example, is an easy way to enhance the flavour and add X-factor to their favourite recipes.”

Tatua Culinary and Whipping Cream, Mascarpone, Cheese Sauce and Sour Cream are available in 1kg pouches through Foodservice outlets and distributors. Cooking Cream, Crème Fraiche, Mascarpone and Sour Cream will now be available in 500g pouches to ensure there’s enough Tatua deliciousness to last the week.