Niah Taylor grew up in Rotorua and completed her Bachelor Degree in Communication at Massey University. Self-professed “devoted Foodie,” she now works as the Communications Advisor in the Internal Communications and Events team for Foodstuffs North Island. Taylor’s interest in internal communication was initially sparked working for the Walt Disney Company. “I was fascinated by Disney’s techniques for embedding their culture and values and inspired by their success with internal communication.” The move to Foodstuffs helped Taylor expand on her desire to improve upon the way in which companies communicated. “I’m passionate about the ways companies communicate with their team members and the difference that an exceptional company culture can make to a business—so getting to be part of a team that plays a key part in initiatives to deliver that at Foodstuffs is like a dream come true.”

Connectivity between customers and staff members is a tricky task that Taylor faces on a day-to-day basis. “Our supermarket brands are at the heart of communities around the country, which means that from the support centre in Auckland I can be connected with customers and team members from Kaitaia to Kapiti. The most rewarding thing about working at Foodies is knowing that what you do can make a difference to the everyday lives of everyday New Zealanders.”

In a fast-moving industry, Taylor can identify the problems and looks towards finding solutions to improve shopping for customers and suppliers alike. “The biggest challenge is wanting to change the world and wanting to do it all immediately and then getting reminded about the complexities of the real world.” Taylor’s approach to communication is practical — “we’re in a moment of history with five generations at work together, and I love seeing the different ideas and outcomes that this can bring to the table.” The ability to look at the bigger picture seems to be important for Taylor. Her perceptive problem solving brings a rejuvenated take on an age-diverse workforce. “Everyone at every age has something to give, and something to learn. I don’t like hearing things are too hard or that we can’t change the way things are being done. I’m committed to keeping my ‘early career’ energy so that when combined with growing experience, I can continue to challenge the status quo, bring a fresh take, and deliver change that’s bigger and better than before.”

Currently, Taylor is studying part-time toward a Master of Communication degree which she hopes will further develop her critical thinking. “We’re constantly learning and having to come up with new ways of doing things, and the diversity of the work we do and the people we work with is one of the most interesting parts of my job.”