Harvest Oils is a proud Kiwi company that offers the widest range of cooking oils in the country. To fill up a gap in the growing market for quality and accessible olive oils, Harvest is launching its premium Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil 1L and Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil 750ml in this end of 2016. The Harvest team has a vast experience in sourcing quality oils across the globe and the brand offers from Canola and Vegetable to Rice bran, Sesame, Coconut and Olive oils. The company’s marketing team has big plans for 2017, with a complete range of oils and time to educate the end consumer on the best way to use them. “The end consumer will be able to rely on Harvest for cooking and health tips for each of our oils. This is a great way to add value to  the cooking oil category,” said Bruna Rodrigues, Harvest National Sales Manager.