With roughly two-thirds of the world’s population being lactose-intolerant it’s no wonder the emersion of plant-based dairy alternatives is one of the fastest growing food trends globally.* In Australia the almond milk category alone has grown to $70 million in the last five-years and Melbourne based food and beverage company, MADE, are the first to launch an almond milk yoghurt, under its IMPRESSED brand. Almond milk aficionados can rejoice with the release of the new range of 100% plant-based, dairy-free Almond Milk Yoghurts made from local Aussie almonds.

The new yoghurts cater to the trending number of health conscious Australians, including vegans, who seek genuine dairy-free, plant-based alternatives that taste like the real deal and don’t cost the earth.

IMPRESSED Almond Milk Yoghurt is hand crafted in Melbourne by MADE – the same people behind Impressed cold pressed juices and Australia’s leading coconut water and coconut yoghurt brand, Cocobella.

MADE’s co-founder, Luke Marget said the challenge in creating almond milk yoghurt with an appealing taste and yoghurt-like texture is keeping the recipe natural and additive-free.

“Making our almond milk yoghurt so tasty and smooth has been no easy feat. We know that people searching for plant-based foods want simple products made with natural ingredients, so we created our yoghurt using just five natural ingredients,” said Marget.

The trend towards eating dairy-free, plant-based foods is now the biggest growth driver of new product launches globally and Australia is fuelling the movement being the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world. Recent Roy Morgan research revealed that a plant-based lifestyle is on the rise in Australia with already over 2.25 million Australians aged over 18 years adopting a meat-free diet.

It took almost two years to develop IMPRESSED Almond Milk Yoghurt, starting with sourcing the perfect almonds through to establishing the yoghurt making process. The nutrient profile in almond milk, especially protein and fat, differs to coconut milk so the relatively unproven process of fermenting almond milk required significant research and development.

“Our almond milk yoghurt is low in sugar and has less fat than coconut milk yoghurt making it a suitably lighter alternative. And with a high 7% almond content we make our almonds the hero ingredient, further supporting our local Aussie farmers.”

Following the success of Impressed cold pressed juice, the expansion into yoghurt is just the beginning for IMPRESSED with a focus on broadening its range of plant-based foods and positioning the brand as a genuine player in the rising global plant-based food movement.

IMPRESSED Almond Milk Yoghurt is dairy/lactose/gluten/corn/GMO free, vegan friendly and contains live yoghurt cultures.