The Breakfast Of Champions

ASDA breakfast bundle

The breakfast table isn’t the usual setting to watch the game, but with the final at 11 am on Sunday, 20 August, football fans are likelier to tune in with their morning coffee than putting away pints in the pub.

To enjoy alongside the Lionesses’ efforts to take home the trophy, Asda has launched a breakfast bundle designed to elevate the morning fixture, with bacon sandwiches instead of beers.

Asda’s Breakfast of Champions is full English with an Australian twist, complete with Australia’s favourite savoury spread as a nod to the tournament hosts. Australia’s answer to marmite, Vegemite is perfect for lathering on half-time toast or, for the more adventurous, cheering on the girls with a bacon and vegemite sandwich.

The bundle also contains total English favourites such as smoked back bacon, eggs, tomatoes, bread, and OMV! No Pork Chilli Sausages for a meat-free alternative.

For those who want to lean into the celebratory atmosphere, there’s even Extra Special Prosecco Brut and smooth orange juice to make a morning mimosa to toast to England’s success.

Whether watching at home with friends or over a team breakfast at work, Asda’s Breakfast of Champions makes the perfect accompaniment for the morning viewing. Or, for customers feeling generous, Asda’s breakfast bundle can be sent to the door of another fellow fan tuning in to watch the big game as a surprise.

The Breakfast of Champions bundle feeds six and is available for just £24.70 here until the end of the tournament on Sunday, 20th August.