Buying Local Crucial to Survival of Kiwi Pork Industry

A leading Wellington smallgoods producer is urging people to buy only NZ raised and farmed pork, to help keep Kiwi’s pork farmers going during the COVID-19 response; and is launching an online store to drive demand and support the local industry.

The NZ Pork Board estimates NZ has an oversupply of up to 5,000 pigs per week. Angus Black said farmers have been under mounting pressure with the closure of cafes, restaurants and butchers during Level 4.

“Before Level 4 restrictions around 60% of NZ pork went to cafes, restaurants, producers like ourselves and independent butchers.  With most of these avenues closed over recent weeks farmers are struggling to feed their stock and provide enough space to house them and ensure their welfare.

“Add to this the fact that 62% of all New Zealand’s pork is imported, and you can see the industry is in an incredibly tight spot,” said Black.

Harrington’s Smallgoods has launched a new online store including 100% Kiwi farmed, raised and produced pork products.

“It’s important to us we do what we can to support the farmers who have been working alongside us for many years. We want to drive demand for what is some of the best pork in the world.

“At this stage, we can only deliver within Wellington - but I want to encourage every person buying bacon, ham and sausages at the supermarket to ask for (and buy) Kiwi pork.

“Our advice is to only purchase brands which clearly state the pork was raised and farmed. There are very few brands - like ourselves - on supermarket shelves which do to this - all of whom are very clear about what they stand for. Buying local has never been so important to the future of our industry."

Harrington’s Smallgoods store is online, offering packs featuring sausages, bacon, speciality products and fresh meat.  The company is initially delivering to Wellington and will look to expand it’s offering as restrictions allow.

Based in Miramar Wellington, Harrington’s has a proud 25-year history producing premium, award-winning New Zealand smallgoods.  Selecting only the best ingredients like premium New Zealand pork and beef, working from traditional recipes, and using plenty of artisan know-how to create superb sausages, beautiful bacon and sensational specialties, Harrington’s is 100% New Zealand owned and crafted.

Led by former chef Angus Black, Harrington’s has an unwavering commitment to quality - believing top-quality meat gives top quality produce, Harrington’s want to help Kiwis become more conscious about the food they consume.