Dame Valerie Adams to Appear in Cooking Series

New Zealand Shot Put legend and mum of two Dame Valerie Adams will star in a cooking series episode which shows Kiwis how to create simple and nutritious meals for the family.

The sporting legend is currently training for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and says she was happy to join forces with YouTube’s “How to Dad” Jordan Watson in the HelloFresh How to Dinner series, which she hopes will continue to get New Zealanders excited to try a variety of meals in the kitchen.

Dame Valerie says despite the demands of training and being a busy mum to Kimoana (3) and Kepaleli (18 months) she prepares most of the family meals as husband Gabriel can sometimes work late.

“It’s a must in our family that the children eat the same food as we do. We want to expose them to a variety of meals and we must lead by example. I am all about making sure their meals are balanced and that they really enjoy supper time,” said Adams.

Dame Valerie said when it comes to training she doesn't follow anything specific but believes in keeping things as healthy as possible and eats everything in moderation. The benefits of meal kits like HelloFresh means you can sit down to a delicious home cooked meal that's nutritionally balanced and easy to put together.

“Simplicity is always a big plus and the recipes are clear and not overwhelming. At the same time you have all the ingredients in one bag which makes it easy to pull out of the fridge and start."

Dame Valerie said she often entertains at home, and enjoys cooking, with other hobbies including baking, sewing and gardening and she hopes the series inspired others to have a go.

“I hope they can reignite their cooking skills in the kitchen and see how HelloFresh can help make that happen. I’m also glad Kiwis will get to see a different side of me in the kitchen and have a bit of a laugh."

Adams enjoyed filming the tongue-in-cheek episode with Watson who she said made her feel welcome and relaxed.

Watson who rolled out the red carpet for the sporting royalty with a trumpet and Beefeater hat said he was nervous to work with one of New Zealand’s national treasures.

“I was thinking do I bow, do I curtsey, do I look her in the eyes, she was a bloody legend and so relaxed though.”

The episode shows the duo making the Dill and Parmesan Crumbed Fish and a few of the newly added sides to the HelloFresh menu, Spinach, Pear and Rocket Salad, Sesame-Crusted Garlic Bread and Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding, and of course the usual side of laughs.

Watson believed the new range of optional desserts and sides makes dinner that little bit special, at the same time ensuring families can enjoy fresh quality ingredients.

“I’ve learned so much myself from cooking with HelloFresh, including tips like rice absorption, batch frying and how to batton carrots. I also really love the variety within the menu to make every week different, meaning our kids love every dish and never get bored.”