Drink Manufacturers Sustainability Step

Flags from 8 different countries outside the drinktec building

The UN Global Compact is an initiative that encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable practices, and seven of the world's top ten beverage manufacturers have just signed on.

A total of 807 members of the beverage and food industry have signed the compact. Including mineral water companies, brewery corporations, and wine and spirits manufacturers. The signed goal is to limit global temperature rise by 1.5 degrees celsius.

The beverage and liquid food industry are moving forward in sustainability, no longer seeing it as optional, but instead a mandatory practice.

In order to achieve more sustainable practices, manufacturers need to work hard on reducing their carbon footprint, minimise resource consumption as much as possible, and provide sustainable packaging strategies.

Reducing the Carbon footprint of a company is a vital response. In mineral water production, 52 percent of the CO2 emissions come from packaging, similarly, it is 43 percent in carbonated soft drink packaging. In beer manufacturing, 24 percent of emissions come from extracting raw materials, while in milk production, 28 percent comes from the agricultural output. The CO2 footprint varies greatly between beverage industries, and solutions will look different for every form of production.

The drinktec trade fair in Munich, from the 12th to 16th of September will provide a platform for all related sustainability topics. Hosting a meeting point for manufacturers to have personal exchanges with their system and machine suppliers on sustainable practices.

The event is the best resource for manufacturers on where to start their sustainability practices and how to make them efficient.