Every Can Gives a Damn

Does the world need another bloody water? Or another bloody anything? What the world really needs is for brands to give a damn and to give people the choice to make a difference. 

Enter: Another Bloody Water.

According to Didi Lo, Founder and CEO of Soulfresh, back in 2006 when the world was a different place, bottled water was the ‘in thing’. It wasn’t good enough for water to just be water. It had to come from a glacial mountain stream, an aquifer or better still, a remote and apparently pure pacific island and there was a lot of, let’s say, hyperbole around how these products were marketed.

Disillusioned from trying to sell imported water, Lo started a local brand with a couple of mates. They called it ANOTHER BLOODY WATER (ABW) which cut through the marketing hype with a starkly different approach. 

“Much to our delight, it was an instant hit,” said Lo.

“Sales grew strongly, but as time went on, we could see that our use of plastic was an issue. Despite trying to stay ahead by using a 30 percent recycled bottle, we could not reconcile the fact that we were selling a product that was messing up the world.” 

So, Lo and his team made the call to discontinue ABW and put the brand into hibernation. Fast-forward to 2022 and as they’ve thought about bringing it back, they have wrestled with the question: Does the world need another bloody brand? 

“Our answer to that question is almost certainly no. The only time that answer is yes, is if that brand’s goal is to make a genuine and positive difference. So it is with this backdrop that I am proud to announce the re-birth of ANOTHER BLOODY BRAND – using our catchy (and ever so naughty brand name) to do something more than making great tasting drinks.”

The company is directing 50 percent of its profits to support the fight against youth homelessness and is partnering with some incredible organisations to make it happen: In Australia Rebecca Scott, OAM and her amazing team at STREAT, and in New Zealand Aaron Hendry and the team at Lifewise NZ – both advocates providing support services to homeless youth, to get them on their feet and provide them the training and confidence needed to take on the world. 

“We also have incredible retailers like Foodstuffs New Zealand, who with the support of Sherrelle Smith have rolled ABW into stores to maximise the impact we can achieve together.”

The brand is also proud to announce it will never again use single-use plastic, instead using aluminium cans which are infinitely recyclable (not perfect, but better). First water, with more commodities to follow, ANOTHER BLOODY BRAND will pop up anywhere there is too much choice and reshape the way resources and profits are distributed. They want consumer choices to count and create real change. There’s no reason purchases as essential as water shouldn’t help to make a difference to our communities.

“I feel stupidly proud of our team and partners we’re collaborating with, and beyond excited for the impact that we will make together. It’s about bloody time!”