Farro Fresh has announced that from July 2018, the company will eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags from its checkouts.

Late last year, Farro conducted a survey asking customers what they thought about plastic bag usage. The results were overwhelmingly in support of banning single-use plastic bags at checkout. From July, the company will be introducing compostable bags made from 100 percent plant-based materials and will compost in less than 9-12 months. They are also certified ‘zero harm’ and ‘non-toxic’.

Farro has already reduced bag usage by 20 percent since offering a reusable bag credit (5c if you bring your own bag) two years ago and will continue to offer this incentive. Customers will not be charged for the compostable bags, however, Farro co-founder and owner, Janene Draper, said they may look to charge for compostable bags in the future.

“The compostable bags cost around 3 times more than single-use plastic. As a business striving for sustainable outcomes, we’re happy to absorb that cost. And if we decide to charge, all the money raised will be donated to an environmental charity supporting this work.”

“The purpose of any charge would be to further encourage people to move to reusable bags,” said Draper.

Eliminating plastic bags at checkouts is just one example of how Farro is strengthening its commitment to the environment.  The company partners with organisations to reuse, repurpose or recycle their waste.

Over the past three years, Farro has reduced their waste amount by 75 percent which equates to 475,000 kilograms per year of less waste going to landfill

Farro offers a variety of reusable bags including cotton bags, hessian bags, paper bags and chiller bags.