Meadows have released their limited edition ‘winter warmer’ labels to help hungry families out with a bit of mid-week meal inspiration. Meadows are a healthy addition to any meal as they are packed full of vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy body and mind. They are an everyday superfood, handpicked daily into recyclable, biodegradable punnets.

‘Soup’ mushrooms

Meadows ‘soup’ mushrooms are sliced white buttons. They can be for a super tasty sauce, stir-fry or on toast.

‘Casserole’ mushrooms

Baby portabello mushrooms, still packed with flavour but smaller than the larger portabello.  Portabello mushrooms add a great depth of umami to cooked dishes or extra nutrition can be added to a salad by sprinkling raw slices on top. Portabellos are gluten free, low fat, low salt and low sugar – the perfect superfood!

‘Pie’ mushrooms

Meadows ‘pie’ mushrooms are packs of New Zealand’s favourite white button variety. White buttons are a more subtle mushroom flavor and are one of mildest flavoured mushroom varieties. They are versatile in both raw and cooked dishes. White buttons add a meaty texture to pies, pasta or curries which makes them a great vegetarian alternative. Rich in b-group vitamins to help process energy, they can help reduce tiredness and fatigue when enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.