Four Square Te Anau have reason to celebrate following Helen Meredith’s 30th anniversary with the store. Helen first started with Four Square Te Anau in 1990, where she served as a checkout operator. Fast forward thirty years, and you can still find her managing the store’s checkouts, stocking shelves or helping customers find what they’re looking for.

Highlights for Helen have included meeting people from all over the world, as well as meeting TV personalities and sports stars. Another fond memory of hers is when the store received the friendliest retail award for destination Fiordland. “Four Square Te Anau has a special place in my heart. I love working on the checkouts and interacting with locals on a daily basis, as they are now my family. The tourists who visit our store are always so friendly and are eager to learn more about NZ," said Meredith.

“The local community love Helen, and she is known to be friendly, reliable and will greet locals by name. When we first took over Four Square Te Anau, Helen helped us get to grips with the local community. She is now a part of our wider family, with our two boys excited to see her on checkouts when they pop in," said store owner operator Marissa Bruce.

On February 14th Four Square Te Anau put on a morning tea with their staff  to celebrate Helen’s milestone. Helen was showered with cake, flowers, bubbles as well as a shout on their local More FM radio station. They also had fun decorating her checkout ensuring customers new about the momentous occasion.

Four Square Te Anau have been owned and operated by Marissa and Callum Bruce since 2015.

With six permanent staff and 12 casual high school students, the students work during peak seasons, holidays and weekends. Four Square Te Anau is proud to serve a small local community and an ever increasing tourist population.

“We love our local community and the culture of Te Anau. Our global village is the main reason we thrive both as a business and as a community. Giving back to our community is so important, which is why we love to support the local Premier Rugby Club, Grants through the charity trust or donations of fruit, veges and gift baskets,” said Bruce.

“We love serving our local community and will continue to grow with our customers in the years to come."