Hot cross buns are flying off the shelves at PAK’nSAVE Taupo in the lead up to Easter. Taupo’s most popular Easter treat has seen the local PAK’nSAVE store lead in North Island hot cross bun sales over the past four weeks!

“We have been selling hot cross buns since early February and they have been flying off the shelves. Compared to this time last year our sales have more than doubled with locals and tourists alike picking up the festive treat. With an amazing bakery team led by manager Amandeep Singh, we’re able to keep up with customer demand," said Store owner operator Chris Grace.

“our team are really getting into the Easter spirit this year. We are fully embracing the challenge of meeting customer demand by producing as many freshly-made in-house hot cross buns as possible," said Amandeep Singh.

Over the years, New Zealand hot cross bun trends have started to evolve. There is still a significant amount of demand for traditional hot cross buns, but there are new flavours being introduced. New flavours such as brioche and chocolate are gaining popularity and contributing to the growing demand for hot cross buns. “Our customers like variety and are not afraid to try new things, which is why we have broadened our range of the festive treat. We believe that our success is attributed to the range of different flavours, our amazing bakery team and their passion for baking the freshest treats, and Taupo’s high tourism numbers. Hot cross buns are such a nice, “once a year” treat and our customers are making the most of them being in store,” said Grace.

The demand for hot cross buns will only increase in the lead up to Easter, with the store anticipating another successful Easter season. Although hot cross buns are traditionally an Easter treat, international hot cross bun day is on 11 September, months after the Easter season wraps.

The BBC announced that hot cross buns have been around since medieval times with reports dating back to the 12th century. They have come a long way and are now an international favourite over the Easter period. It is even said that the oldest one is over 212 year old and currently resides in Essex!!

The Guinness World Record for the largest hot cross bun was set in 2012, by Greenhalgh’s Bakery, Bolton. It weighed in at 168kg and is the equivalent to over 2000 regular hot cross buns!

New Zealanders are getting creative with how they eat hot cross buns. Bread and butter pudding, ice cream sandwiches, hot cross butties, French toast and hot cross bun breadcrumbs are just some of the creative things we are doing with our hot cross buns this Easter.