Healtheries Move to Plant-Based Packaging

New Zealand’s number one and most trusted supplement brand, Healtheries is making a bold sustainability move by changing its entire range packaged in fossil-fuel based bottles to plant-based bottles. 

In one of the single biggest moves to plant-based packaging in New Zealand packaged goods history, Healtheries will change 80 product lines to bottles made from sugarcane. The sugarcane is ethically sourced, renewable and removes carbon from the atmosphere as it grows. Sugarcane is globally recognised as a positive move away from dependency on petrochemical non-renewable resources.  

The move will see an estimated annual carbon emissions savings of 192 tonnes - equivalent to emissions created by driving a car from Auckland to Wellington 1700 times.

“We don’t want our sustainability efforts to be token, but rather ensure we are making a significant impact. It’s been a huge undertaking but it’s an important step from a sustainability standpoint and what’s expected from our ever-discerning customers,” said Healtheries Head of Marketing Simon Cheape. 

Changing to sugarcane bottles is not the first step in Healtheries sustainability journey. Last year, the brand introduced New Zealand’s first certified compostable tea bag. This change has the potential to divert 64 million teabags from landfill annually.

The new bottles will have a more translucent look as the white colour pigment has been removed to increase their recyclability. Healtheries have also refreshed their labels. The new-look sugarcane bottles are kerbside recyclable so customers can pop empty bottles into their recycling bins.

Healtheries supplements in the new plant-based bottles are available in supermarkets and select pharmacies nationwide.