Honey – A Hive of Opportunity

The global honey market size is expected to increase 10 percent over the next three years. This comes as there is a growing demand from consumers for a healthy diet and convenience that has led to the emergence of various honey products and products that feature honey as a key ingredient.

Over the past few years, the Manuka honey industry has shown remarkable continued growth as it attracts strong interest from the nutraceutical market and health-conscious consumers alike.

“Honey has always been a popular product at Countdown, but over the last couple of years, there’s been a significant increase in demand as more people have learned about the health properties of honey and of course, the delicious taste,” according to a Countdown spokesperson.

“In fact, one in five Kiwis have bought honey in the past year. There are a few favourite picks for honey at Countdown, with easy squeeze options are very popular with the easy to use format ideal for smoothies and as an alternative to sugar or maple syrup when baking. We’ve also seen more products using honey as part of their flavour profile. For example, cereal, muesli bars, chips, nuts, yoghurt and drinks. Some popular new products in this area include Copper Kettle Honey and Soy Chicken chips and Simply Squeezed Lemon Honey & Ginger juice.

Another trend that has helped to influence the growth of the honey market has been the increase in demand for natural sweeteners.

“The global market for natural sweeteners is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% through 2021. This will have a positive impact on the market as honey is a source of vitamin C, magnesium, and various anti-oxidants and contains about 21 calories per spoon,” according to Technavio Insights.

“We see a lot of innovation progress in key categories essential to honey, such as bakery, sauces, alcoholic beverages (each 8-9% of all NPD),” according to the Innova New Products Report. “Additionally, snacks, cold drinks and to a lesser extent, cereal reflect 3-6% of all new product launches.”

Recently launched and already a named a finalist during the Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards Gretytown Honey's New Zealand Eco Honey is bringing a sustainable and affordable brand of honey to families all around New Zealand. Locally owned and operated in rural New Zealand sees the fifth generation beekeeping family introducing a new brand to its range which already includes the award winning Greytown Honey brand known for it’s boutique varieties packaged in smaller glass jars.

After hearing many stories about customers buying honey from ancestors that were packed in cardboard containers, the team set about exploring for an appropriate product that would have the sustainability benefits whilst also meeting the strict modern day food safety standards. After three years of product trials to ensure that the quality expectations were maintained, Greytown Honey are now proud to present New Zealand Eco Honey to the market. Available in two sizes (600g & 1.2kg) and in three different varieties - Clover, Bush and Manuka, there's something for everyone!

The honey itself is all sourced via single source apiary sites - which in essence means derived from one location. The beehives are owned and run by Greytown Honey, and they have built an export grade processing factory where they do all of the extraction, processing and packing themselves. This enables the brand to maintain the highest possible quality, whilst also keeping their environmental footprint to a minimum.

The brand's ethos has always been to pay it forward where they can. With Christmas fast approaching, the business is donating the equivalent of 10% of all New Zealand Eco Honey orders in honey to the foodbanks around the country until the end of December 2020, so that New Zealand Eco Honey can be enjoyed by as many families within our communities as possible.

For more information and wholesale enquiries, contact greytownhoney@gmail.com, call 06 308 9604, or visit www.greytownhoney.co.nz.

Give me a squeeze honey! Manuka Doctor’s Squeezy Honey is an all-natural sweet treat.Our Manuka Doctor Honey squeezy honey range can be used as a spread, a sweetener in drinks, drizzled on breakfast bowls and ice cream or eaten straight from the pot as a sweet treat!

Our Manuka Doctor Beech Forest Honeydew is harvested from beech forest that stretches along the base of the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand. It is one of the most unique, most intriguing exotic kinds of honey in the world.

Make sure you have this range from one of New Zealand's leading honey brands on your shelves to maximise profits.

For more information phone 09 300 3025 or email aeneas@manukadr.co.nz.

Hantz Honey is a third generation commercial beekeeping business founded by Les and Maisie Hantz in 1951. Hantz Honey is currently run by brother and sister combo Barry and Carolyn who operate in excess of 4000 hives, supplying a thriving local and export market with honey products produced by their own beehives.

Its range of products include Runny Liquid Clover Honey, Creamy Clover Honey, Manuka Honey and natural Comb Honey.

Clover Honey is New Zealand’s most versatile, well liked honey, created by bees which forage on clover flowers grown intensively on farms around the Ellesmere and Ashburton districts. Hantz Clover Honey is light in colour, has a pleasing mild flavour and delicate sweetness. The art of creaming honey has been mastered by Hantz Honey over three generations, who produce a beautiful, smooth, thick creamy honey.

Hantz Honey aim to provide consumers with a high quality honey product at an affordable price. Available in a liquid or creamed form, it is ideal as a spread or an alternative to sugar in baking. Hantz Honey products are available in retail, catering or bulk packaging.

For more information, contact info@hantzhoney.co.nz, call 03 324 3885 or visit www.hantzhoney.co.nz.

Taylor Pass Honey is A Taste Worth Exploring.

At Taylor Pass Honey, we believe great tasting honey is the essence of a time and place, with each jar telling a unique story about a piece of land and all that exists around it. The way we see it, it’s all connected: This unique land, the bees and us.

Our range includes Rata, Native Flower, Cream Clover, Honeydew, Manuka Blend and Manuka UMF 5+/10+/15+.

Our latest addition, which recently won the honey category in the Inspire+ Artisan Awards, is sure to be a hit this Christmas.

The New Zealand Artisan Honey Selection gift box (3x125g jars) is the perfect gift this season:

  • The ultimate Christmas gift for gourmet food lovers
  • or simply a gift to say thank you!

For more information, contact sales@taylorpasshoney.co.nz, 03 577 6955 or visit www.taylorpasshoney.co.nz.

Manuka Doctor has carefully crafted the taste of New Zealand. Deliciously refreshing functional hydration.

All-natural for vitality. New Zealand sourced and harvested Manuka Honey (monofloral) infused artesian sparkling water. Make sure you have it on shelf to ensure your shoppers can enjoy it over the summer months.

For more information contact Honey New Zealand on 09 300 3025 or email aeneas@manukadr.co.nz.