Lewis Road Creamery has announced that it will use only free range eggs in its ice creams starting from this month, a commitment that sets a new standard for supermarket ice creams.

Founder Peter Cullinane said customers care about cage-free eggs, but outside of the egg carton aisle it can be difficult for them to make purchasing choices that support their beliefs.

"It is rare for ice creams in the supermarket chiller to be made with free range eggs so we are proud that, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only ice cream brand in supermarkets to do so," said Cullinane.

Lewis Road Creamery launched its range of ice creams in early 2016, but was previously unable to source sufficient quantities of free range egg yolks from suppliers. However, Dunedin-based company Zeagold Foods, has secured sufficient supply to provide Lewis Road with the volume of free range egg yolks it requires to produce its ice cream. These eggs can also be traced directly back to the free range farm where the hen laid them.

"We have wanted to make this move for some time, so we are really pleased we can now source sufficient quantities to make all of our ice creams using free range eggs. Five of our seven ice creams now use free range eggs, with the remainder moving to free range by summer."

Lewis Road's move to free range coincides with the launch of its latest ice cream flavour, Lewis Road Creamery Peanut Butter Ice Cream made in collaboration with another popular Kiwi brand - Pic's Peanut Butter.