Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers no longer use plastic-top packaging, switching instead to corrugated paper boxes for its multipacks. The change has come from the company’s aims to be more environmentally friendly and subsequently generate more shelf appeal.

The company’s beverages are made with all-natural ingredients, using no flavours or preservatives. Essential to the brand’s identity, its natural label is now reflected in its packaging as well.

“We definitely want to be mindful about the environment and being sustainable, so that all played into [the decision]. We knew this was the direction we wanted to go into, but we wanted to get that product out on the shelves,” said Meredith Orfanos Cyr, director of marketing at Powell & Mahoney.

“We’ve been one of the longest-standing craft cocktail mixer brands, so we’re sort of like a pioneer in the industry, or someone that other brands might look to for inspiration. We’re just really excited to continue to innovate and evolve and give consumers new options for craft cocktails.”

Another reason behind the update in packaging was to increase shelf appeal and raise more awareness of the brand’s positive environmentally friendly and natural philosophy.

“When you have your cans in the plastic tops, sometimes they can turn, and there’s nothing you can do about that. But with boxes, the message that we want is front-facing and will be there, so it’s much better of a vessel for us for branding for the consumer message,” said Cyr.